4 Best AI Image Generator Black Friday Deals on AppSumo

Hello, Fellow Creators I’m Dilwala Shakil back with the 8 AI Image Generator Black Friday lifetime deals for marketers and others. 

Deal NameLinks
2. AirbrushGrab Now
3. AutodraftGrab Now
4. Logo DiffusionGrab Now


SUPERMACHINE is a super fast AI image generator that helps to Generate stock photos, art, and images with the latest AI technology in under 15 seconds, and a variety of different aspect ratios.

With 290 reviews, this AI image generator is trending top on Appsumo. The black Friday plan 1 cost $79 including 1,000 image credits per month, 10+ aspect ratios, and more.

2. Airbrush 

Airbrush AI is an AI-powered image generator that generates high-quality images, artwork, NFTs, and more in seconds. With it, you can create portraits, abstract paintings, and a lot more.

Airbrush AI provides numerous tools for altering and enhancing images, including filters, effects, and stencils. As well as editing your own photos, you can invite others to do so.

With over 200 reviews this black Friday lifetime deal is also trending top on Appsumo at just $29.

3. Autodraft

Autodraft is an Ultimate Generative AI platform that can help generate comics, Webtoons, Animations, and Visual storytelling with style & character consistency.

It also offers features like Text to Image, Image to Image, AI Image Inpainting, Pose Maker, Object Remover, Background Remover, Creative Upscaler and more.

At just $49 you will get plan 1 with 800 AI credits per month for a lifetime. 

4. Logo Diffusion

Logo Diffusion is a smart design platform that uses custom generative AI models to help you create stunning logos and graphics in seconds and export them as a transparent PNG or vector file for seamless online use.

Logo Diffusion can create logos in different art styles including cartoon, pictorial, abstract, and more—with new art styles being added regularly.

Even better, this platform supports both 2D and 3D logo styles, so you can experiment with a third dimension and create something really unique.

It offers 3 plans on Appsumo to purchase. License Tier 1 costs $39 with 250 monthly credits. Tire 2 costs $99 for 750 monthly credits and License Tier 3 costs $219 for 2,000 credits and a lot more.

All of the deals with a 60-day money-back guarantee so you have nothing to lose but everything to gain. Awesome right?

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