Partnero Turorial & Review: Affiliate Program management Tool

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You might want to launch your own partnership program, but managing every moving part on your own could quickly backfire.

What if there was a system for building, managing, and scaling hundreds of affiliate programs easily?

Introducing Partnero.

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So what is Partnero?

Partnero is a partnership management platform that helps businesses boost revenue sustainably with customized partner programs.

It features tons of Integrations for your mailing and payment system such as;

  • Mailchimp
  • PayPal
  • Shopify
  • Stripe
  • WooCommerce

It allows you to create your own affiliate programs, reward partners for affiliate commissions, set up fixed or percentage-based commissions in any currency, customize affiliate tracking links and cookie duration, let you white label the partner portal with custom domains, and support API and webhooks.

So it seems like it would be a good system for setting up affiliates or referral programs

In this review, I’ll cover everything you need to know about this software and whether it’s still worth picking.

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So Let’s get started…

Partnero Affiliate & Referral Programs management tool Review

Lifetime Deal

It offers 3 License Tiers on Appsumo. 

License Tier 1 costs $59 including

  • 1 partnership programs
  • 1 team members
  • 5,000 newsletter subscribers per program
  • Unlimited partners/affiliates, referrals, and custom tracking domains

License Tier 2 costs $149, including

  • 10 partnership programs
  • 3 team members
  • 25,000 newsletter subscribers per program and more

License Tier 3 costs $299, including

  • 30 partnership programs
  • Unlimited team members
  • 100,000 newsletter subscribers per program and more

The software was recently added to the Appsumo listing but already got a decent number of positive reviews from verified users.

Now Let’s See How to use Partnero with the step-by-step guide.

Features & Benefits

Program Settings

This is the Dashboard of Partnero. 

Let’s go to the program section and create one. Here we can create Affiliates, Refer a friend, and newsletter referral programs. I will go with the Affiliate program.

Let’s give it a name and then put the website URL.

Next, we can set the Commission, percentage, or fixed and also set the period. 

Here we have to Create the main branding for our Affiliate portal. Upload the logo, and symbol, and choose the brand color.

Your affiliate program has been set up successfully! Now explore the program setting.

Here you can connect your own domain. The process is simple just Go to your DNS provider and create the following two records to verify your domain.

Next, you can create a dynamic commission structure, Enable currency conversion,  

we have a few more settings like commission review period, Commission claim period, and payout threshold.

We can modify the structure of our referral link. and increase or decrease the cookie lifetime. again Connect custom domain. 

Last, we have a few more important options like we can Enable approval forms for new partners, Automatic commission approval, Allowing payout requests using wire transfer along with PayPal, Enabling email notifications, and more. Click on Update.


Let’s see the Integration option. 

To track referrals who are visiting your website or application, you need to install the Partnero Universal javascript snippet code before the closing </head> tag on your website. It will track referral visits and signups on our site.

It doesn’t end there, for Sending sign-up and sale data to Partnero, you have to use the REST API option. To make this work, I think you’ll have to do some development yourself or hire a developer. If you aren’t tech-savvy, No problem, I will provide a list of developers in the description for ease of access for you. And If you experience any difficulty integrating Partnero into your website, you may contact their support team for assistance.

Next, create and manage your API keys to smoothly integrate with other apps.

Here we can List trusted domains and IP addresses to enhance your integration’s security. This ensures that only requests from these sources are accepted.

Next, we can Use webhooks to trigger actions based on your program events.

Third-party integrations are also available. So we can connect partnero with Stripe, Mailchimp, Shopify, WooCommerce, Zapier, and more.

Next, we will see 

  • Partner Portal
  • Emails
  • Coupons options

But For a better understanding, first, let’s visit and test the affiliate partner portal we just created.

I’m now logging in at So let’s create a new account and register. So now I have logged in as a partner.

Here is my referral URL to promote a potential product or course or whatever. so here I will see statistics about clicks, sign-ups, sales, and revenue. Next, we can check Referral activity, and even we will be able to create some custom URLs. next, Manage payouts and see the reporting. Let’s continue exploring the tool and check out the portal preferences.

So here we will be able to configure and fine-tune the portal. for example, we can add logos, colors, and fonts to brand your Partner Portal.

Get some links to Access different pages of the Partner portal.

We can send Welcome, Submission, and Rejection messages as well as create an Approval form with the custom questionnaire for new applicants to join your program.

To promote your product, you can upload affiliate promotional materials for your affiliate partners.

Also here is an option to translate the affiliate area into different languages. And last SEO setting, where we can Optimize partner portals for search engines and social sharing by adding titles, keywords, and descriptions. Plus we can Track its analytics on Google and Facebook.

Next, let’s explore the email setting. Here we can set up SMTP and other options and do more. There are a lot of predefined email templates that can be sent automatically from the Partnero application, which I think is great.

For example Password reset, partner approved or declined, Payout request, approved, or declined, New sign-up, sale, and more.

It doesn’t require any separate software and you will be able to send and edit a specific email, which is very useful. So we got nicely structured and branded emails with some variables and placeholders. It includes special email marketing software, which is nice to have.

We can also create coupons with coupon type, duration, Redemption limits, etc, and share them to promote our products.

We have detailed analytics. You can see I have one sign-up that I just did, so we have one partner. Here are some details about our partner. Moreover, you will be able to manage your payouts here as well. Last we can also see real-time visitors on our website.


It is solid and established software and It has all the needed functionality to create and manage your affiliate or referral programs to promote your product, online course, or whatever you need to promote online.

As a new user, I had no problems setting up the portal and as a new partner, I was able to log in immediately. it provided all the financial integrations that I needed. It also provided easier integration with Shopify and Woocommerce stores and a lot of flexibility with a custom API to track signups. 

So finally I can say The Partnero is a good affiliate and referral program manager. Check out the link in the description. If you find the tutorial helpful like and subscribe to onlinebizassets for more SAAS lifetime deal updates. Thank you for watching, I’m Dilwala Shakil signing off.

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