8 Best Chatbot Builder Black Friday Deals on AppSumo

Hello Guys I’m Dilwala Shakil back with the 8 best Chatbot Builder Black Friday Friday lifetime deals for content creators, marketers, and more. 

Deals NameLink
1. OrimonGrab Now
2. AnswerlyGrab Now
3. WebbotifyGrab Now
4. CloozoGrab Now
5. Support BoardGrab Now
6. mevoGrab Now
7. AnyChatGrab Now
8. RobofyGrab Now

1. Orimon

Orimon is a Chatgpt-like AI chatbot builder that understands intent, objectives, 120+ languages, and can redirect conversations toward brand goals. You can build a chatbot within two minutes without any prior coding knowledge or NLP training.

This deal is now exclusively available to AppSumo Plus members. So you have to have a Plus account. I will attach the link in the description to create one for you. 

Additionally, you can customize your bot’s interface and integrate it with multiple messaging channels, such as your website, WordPress, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and more coming soon.

This black Friday is offering it for just $69 for the lifetime with Unlimited bot creation, Unlimited website deployment, and 2,000 intelligent messages per month. If you need more, you can purchase up to 4 codes.

2. Answerly

Answerly is an AI chatbot that learns your entire business and generates dynamic, human-like replies to customers 24/7.

You’ll be able to import online data from your website, Google Docs, PDFs, and knowledge base to train it on your business’ specific information.

Answerly comes with tons of customization options, so your AI chatbot can look and feel just the way you want it. With the widget, you can add your logo and colors to blend into your website. It can also be set to joke or be serious, so customers have a better experience.

It offers 5 License Tiers to choose from $49 to $519.

3. Webbotify

Webbotify is a ChatGPT-powered chatbot that can boost visitor engagement, capture more leads, and offer support in over 95 languages.

Train your chatbot with your website URLs, PDFs, or text documents. 

Using Shopify or e-commerce API integrations, you can automate customer support by adding shipment, fulfillment, and order tracking information.

Additionally, you’ll have control over where the chatbot appears on your site, just add the code to the pages where you want it to appear.

License tier 1 costs $69 for 2 chatbots, 10 PDF files, and 100 web pages/URLs. Go for License Tier 4 if you want unlimited chatbots and remove Webbotify branding.

4. Cloozo

Cloozo is a no-code chatbot builder powered by ChatGPT that lets you create and train chatbots on your own files and site links.

You’ll be able to customize your chatbot’s appearance and behavior, giving you complete control over the user experience.

When you’re done, you can embed your chatbot on your website to answer any customer inquiry.

License Tier 1 costs $59 for 10 chatbots, 3 starter questions per chatbot, 1 workspace, and more. But Unlimited chatbots are $299 with Remove ‘Powered by Cloozo’ and Whitelabel option.

5. Support Board

Support Board is a Live Chat and Chatbot by OpenAI & ChatGPT. The tool can also reply to messages sent from WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, Twitter, WeChat, Google Business Messages, and more for added flexibility.

Send pop-up messages, welcome messages, and follow-up messages to push more people down the sales funnel.

You can automatically train your chatbot using your own documents or website. To train your chatbot, you can also program new questions and answers.

The chatbot costs $69 for 10,000 messages per month and more. 

6. mevo

Mevo is your no-code chatbot builder, enabling you to effortlessly create conversational bots tailored for information collection and customer support.

With Mevo, you can build and publish a chatbot page, and integrate it as a popup to your landing page in minutes without any coding experience, thanks to its user-friendly drag-and-drop interface.

At just $49 you can create 5 chatbots with 3 user seats and 500 monthly responses for classical chatbots. A 1M token limit per month for AI chatbots (but unlimited if you have your own API key).

7. AnyChat

AnyChat is not an AI Chatbot builder but a website widget that displays an all-in-one multifunctional contact button on every page of your site and provides as many contact methods as you want. You can use any messenger that supports deep-linking technology.

It allows you to chat with visitors in real time and provides multiple contact methods, so you can always be available to answer questions or help with problems.

At just $29 you can provide great customer support on your website.

8. Robofy

Using Robofy, you can build a chatbot within minutes by confirming your URLs or WordPress Blog Posts, Pages, and Product details.

Its initial Professional Plan costs $49 including Unlimited chat replies, 1,000 web pages, 5 websites, and more.

All of the deals with a 60-day money-back guarantee so you have nothing to lose but everything to gain. Awesome right?

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