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Hello fellow creators, I’m Dilwala Shakil a web designer and Content creator. Today, I will provide an honest review of the Wope Appsumo lifetime deal with its features, pricing, lifetime deals, use cases, and alternatives with my final opinion.

Wope is an AI rank-tracking tool that optimizes website keyword strategies for more precise targeting and maximized SEO outcomes. Also, you’ll learn all about competitor strategies to stay ahead in the SEO race.

So Let’s get started…

Wope Lifetime Deal Review

It offers 4 License Tier both for the lifetime and monthly subscriptions.

On Appsumo License Tier 1 costs $49 originally $468 which will provide 200 keywords tracking, 1 user access, Unlimited tracked competitors, 3 months of historical data, and all the basic features. Compared to the monthly tier 1 at $39 per month for 200 tracking keywords, this lifetime deal is a huge save for the lifetime.

Appsumo License Tier 2 offers 450 keywords, 3 user access, and 6 months of historical data at just $99 for the lifetime but the regular plan offers the same features at $79 per month. So, Lifetime Deal 2 is also the winner

Lifetime licenses 3 and 4 come with 1k and 2.5k keywords for just $199 and $389 respectively. But if you want to purchase the regular plan, you have to pay $159 and $329 per month for the same features.

So, in a word, the Appsumo lifetime deal is a huge saving over the regular plan.  No need to break the bank with subscriptions.

Wope Features and Benefits

1. Create a project

After logging into the dashboard, first, you can change the theme to dark or light from the Preferences option in the settings tab.

Next, we will have to create a project to run the software. You only have to put in your domain, and Wope’s smart wizard finds your top competitors, target country and language, and even keywords to track. That it. I found the competitor’s website very relevant to me. Which is good. Collecting all the data will take nearly 15 minutes depending on its size. You can also Share project with the team through email invitations.

Next, we can see the overview of our traffic, ads value, position, visual rank, pixel rank, visibility, tags, keywords position, competitors, daily progress, position distribution and so far.

2. Performance > Summary

Now we can find all the keywords on the summary page under the performance tab. The data table contains information such as keywords, their volume, position by latest date, visual rank, pixel rank, visibility, traffic, and ad value. Rank opportunity, traffic share, CPC, and S.F. You can filter the keywords by tags, and get mobile or desktop view easily. Next click on the View option to hide, show, or rearrange metrics, add filters, sort, and export data.

I can’t see the whole long tail keywords in the table because there is no column expander option like in Google or Microsoft Excel. We have to click on the analysis option to see the entire keyword, but checking them one by one will take more time. In this case, the tool needs to be enhanced to allow for column expansion.

I can see that the global volume is less than the us volume, but we all know that global volume always remains higher than the United States volume. Additionally, there are another 1.6k US volumes in the global volume tab. So, I’m confused about that. The company should clarify the matter so that we can better understand it.

3. Performance > Daily Progress

Here we can see the daily progress of my website keywords. The table contains almost the same information as the summary page except position trend. It shows daily progress with red and green graphics. Red means down and green means progress. So you can easily understand which keywords are performing well.

Here you can see the keyword volume up, and down, with trends in every month with details information. If you want to target any keyword and want to check its seasonality and many other things, that’s a cool feature.

5. Market > Competitors

Here we can compare all our competitor’s performance data to ours. It will show all of our competitors and their daily traffic count with a list and chart view. You can also show or hide the chart as you need.

Next, there is a comparison table that shows my and my competitor’s list side by side and where we all are ranking in Google. 

For example. I ranked in number 23 position for the keyword “zombie shooter VR games” and my next competitor realityremaker.com ranked in 5th position, allthevirtualreality.com is in 14th and the list goes on.

This is a good feature if we want to keep an eye on our competitors every day.

6. Market > Daily Comparison

On this page, we can see only the daily comparisons of our position, visual rank, pixel rank, visibility, traffic, and ad value in a beautiful chart with different lines.

Below, there is a daily position comparison table where you can compare your position with competitors one by one.

7. Market > Position Distribution

On this page, we can see a list of competitors in different colors who are currently ranking in the top five positions and can also see their total ranking keywords, average position, and how much traffic they are gaining.

Wope Conclusion

So, these are the features of the Wope AI rank tracker tool. Seeing all the metrics and information, I can say it’s a powerful AI SEO tool for bloggers, website owners, and marketers.

However, It doesn’t provide any keyword research, technical SEO, or website audit tool except rank-tracking features. So if you want more SEO features then check Rankatom, Squirrly SEO, and SiteGuru’s lifetime deal. I have complete review videos on those tools, which links I will attach in the description.

On the other hand, if you can afford then go for the all-in-one Ahrefs and Semrush SEO tools. Otherwise, try the Wope’s lifetime deal with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

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