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Previously, I was wasting my time manually finding pre-qualified leads from Google, Bing, Facebook, and more. But then I found Smatlead’s lifetime offer on AppSumo. It can help to find new pre-qualified leads, contact & close more deals in less time in one place. Sounds exciting?

Hello fellow creators, I’m Dilwala Shakil a web designer and Content creator. In this post, I’m going to review SmatLeads with its features, pricing, lifetime deals, use cases, and alternatives with my final opinion.

So Let’s get started…

smatleads review
SmatLeads review

What is SmatLeads?

SmatLeads is a Lead generation and marketing automation platform that enables business owners to quickly access over 500 million real-time pre-qualified leads from Google, Bing, and LinkedIn and convert them into paying customers.

Additionally, you can generate business optimization, SEO, and Website Audit Reports for each lead with one click, making it easy to generate more sales opportunities sooner.

It’s an Alternative to Lusha and LeadsGorilla makes it a great choice for Marketers, Marketing agencies, Small Businesses, Web Designers, and more.

Features and Benefits

1. User-friendly Dashboard

The dashboard is straightforward to use. It shows a walkthrough video, Saved Leads, Generated Content, ADA Widgets, Reports, recently saved Google and Bing leads, and more.

2. Find High Converting Leads

Find targeted business leads from Google Business Profile, Bing, and Linkedin in any niche and location. Effortlessly search for potential prospects and unlock valuable insights. Google requires API keys to locate leads, whereas Bing and LinkedIn do not. So, My friend will show you the step-by-step process of how to generate and connect a Google API key to Smarleads.

After connecting the API, enter your keyword, select a location, choose a radius, and click on the Search Button. Then it will show you a list of leads with a card view which includes a Google map, LeadsScore, company name, email, telephone, website, Address, and Business Status on every card. There are also tick boxes and a save button on every card, so you can easily save leads for different projects.

Otherwise, click the Select All button on the top and export them as a CSV or PDF file.

Last but not least, it has a powerful filtering option, so you can find leads based on their website, email, and phone number availability. Web developers will find these features very helpful because they can offer web development services to those who have no website and make one for them. Plus you can find caimed or unclaimed Google My Business profiles to offer them GMB services and make tons of money online.

3. Lead Management

This is where you can find all the leads you generate through Google, Bing, and LinkedIn. You can easily organize and use them as you wish. For example, you can view, edit, add additional information, or delete them.

4. Contact Leads

Smatleads has a built-in email marketing tool to send emails to appropriate clients. First, you have to connect your SMTP account perfectly and then you will be ready to go. 

Select your project, and click on the email icon on the right side in which lead you want to contact. It will drive you to the editor. 

It would be great if it automatically detects and inserts the email in the To field. You can also schedule emails and generate email content With AI from here.

But in my case, it didn’t work. It shows an error when I want to send emails. The editor is also very basic and you can’t attach files from your computer to your email.

5. Generate Reports

You can generate a Business Report for each lead or company you have collected previously. Before this feature can be used, you must update Account Report Information in the settings. It’s simple just add your business information that’s it. Now go back to the report generation page, select a project, and click the generate button. It will provide you detailed information about what needs to be optimized and more about the company. I had difficulty downloading the report, so I contacted their support, and they said they are fixing the issue shortly but the download works perfectly well on Edge and Firefox browsers.

6. Generate SEO Reports

Get a detailed SEO report to learn more about the performance of your website. Using SmatLead’s user-friendly reporting system, you can generate professional reports that provide actionable recommendations for boosting your SEO strategy or your clients’. Gain insight into your online presence and increase organic traffic.

7. Core Website Audit

Smatleads provides A Comprehensive Core Web Audit and Optimization Guide to Unlock the Full Potential of Your Website – Enhancing Speed, Interaction, and Visual Stability for Maximum User Engagement and SEO Advantage.

8. Marvis AI Content Generator

Marvis is an AI Chatbot like Chatgpt that helps you generate Local Business and Marketing Content for your website, social media posts, advertising, product descriptions, etc. There a tons of templates available to choose from to make your business stand out.

9. Team Collaboration

Team collaboration is an essential feature of every online tool in today’s digital world, and SmatLeads knows that. You can create a team account to allow your team to access projects around the world.

10. Support & Tutorials

SmatLeads offers a ticket Support system so whenever you encounter any issue you can reach out to them. They are very responsive and provide quick customer support. They also have tutorials so you can run every feature easily.

Plans and Pricing

Lifetime Deal Pricing

SmatLeads Lifetime Deal Pricing
SmatLeads Lifetime Deal Pricing

Appsumo offers 2-lifetime plans to purchase with a huge discount.

Plan 1 costs $59 originally $468, including:

  • 5,000 credits per month for GBP, Bing, and LinkedIn lead searches
  • 2,000 AI credits per month
  • Generate 500 business optimization, SEO, and website audit/accessibility reports per month
  • And more

On the other hand, Plan 2 costs $118 instead of $936, which includes:

  • 10,000 credits per month for GBP, Bing, and LinkedIn lead searches
  • 4,000 AI credits per month
  • Generate 1,000 business optimization reports per month
  • Generate 1,000 SEO reports every month
  • Generate 1,000 website audit/accessibility reports per month

Additionally, this plan offers:

  • Email sending and scheduling with built-in email sender
  • And Adding 10 team members

Regular Pricing

The Starter Plan costs $39.00 Per Month, including;

  • 500 credits lead searches
  • Lead filtering
  • 500 AI credits per month
  • over 50 languages supported
  • Marvis AI
  • 24/7 Premium Support

The Pro Pack costs $59.00 Per Month, including;

  • 2500 credits lead searches
  • Lead filtering
  • 2500 AI credits per month
  • Generate 100 Business optimization, SEO, and Website audit/accessibility reports
  • Manage leads
  • Export leads as CSV or PDF file
  • Report customization
  • over 50 languages supported
  • Marvis AI
  • 24/7 Premium Support

The Premium Pack costs $99.00 Per Month, including;

  • 15000 credits lead searches
  • Lead filtering
  • Additional 1500 AI credits
  • Generate 200 Business optimization, SEO, and Website audit/accessibility reports
  • Marvis AI
  • Email sending and automation with built-in email sender)
  • Add 10 team members
  • over 50 languages support
  • All Feature Updates
  • 24/7 Premium Support

Now, compared to the regular pricing, the Appsumo lifetime deal is a huge saving because you will get a lifetime of access to SmatLeads without any monthly recurring fees. No need to break the bank with subscriptions.

User Review

Now let’s see what real users are talking about SmatLeads. The app has recently been released on Appsumo, so reviews will be normally low, but already 2 users have given it five-star ratings. They said they are truly happy with this tool! This is a really good sign that this tool has the capability to bring you success in your marketing journey.

My Final Opinion

SmatLeads is a game-changer lead generation tool that includes many exciting features such as AI content writing, email sending, website audit, SEO reports generation, and more.

Currently, you can secure a lifetime deal for a small up-front payment with a 60-day money-back guarantee.
This is a must-have opportunity if you want to collect more high-quality leads from Google My Business, Bing, and LinkedIn in seconds.

I'm Dilwala Shakil a Web Designer, Blogger, Digital Marketer, Affiliate Marketer, and YouTuber. In this website I write reviews about best online business related tools. Subscribe my YouTube. Also Facebook and Twitter

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