Biteplay Honest Review – Best YouTube Keyword Research Tool

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In this Biteplay review, I’m going to take a closer look at its features, pricing, lifetime deals, use cases, alternatives, pros and cons, and my final opinion…

What is Biteplay? [Explained]

Biteplay Honest Review

Biteplay is an AI-powered YouTube marketing toolkit that helps you with content research, video advertising, and YouTube influencer collaboration. YouTube video marketing has never been easier thanks to Biteplay. As a whole, Biteplay is a creative arsenal, a strategic advisor, and a networking wizard.

Best Key Features Of BitePlay

1. Dashboard

You can keep the dashboard dark or light according to your preference. On the top, there are 3 menus called discover, followeing, and AI. we will check them later.

In the middle, we have a search bar with a dropdown menu. This search bar will bring you all the information you want to see.

Although it looks like a standard YouTube search, this tool is highly sophisticated. This page offers 3 different ways to search for YouTube videos.

  1. Via keywords
  2. Locating Similar videos via video URL
  3. Search for videos in specific channels

You can set filters to only display relevant content in the Advanced option. Use filters like Exact Match, Licenses, Minimum Views, Country, Negative Keywords, Date, Video Duration, and others to narrow down the results.

It will show Stats like Search volume, CPC, Most Viewed, and Competition as well.

Under the content tab, it will display all the related videos with view count and publish date based on your keyword. You can also see the video description and tags with this tool. You can also select all videos, collect their links, or export all the information in a CSV file.

Also, Donut A.I. helps you to see some matrices such as average video length, average daily view, average engagement, and best engagement rate.

Next Creator Tab. It will show us all the channels that are creating videos related to our keyword with videos, views, and subscriber count. 

The Donut A.I. also shows results such as top subscribers, average subscribers, top channel by views, and creator emails

I found their creator’s email features are not working now because it’s in beta position and the developers are working on it.

Next Insight tab. Here is Donut A.I will generate SEO tips and Video ideas for you based on your keyword. It will cost 1 credit per generation.

If you click on SEO tips then the AI will generate a Title, a Description, and Tags for you based on your keyword.

And when click on Videos idea it will give you some video ideas to create for your next YouTube video.

3. Find Influencers

Instagram and YouTube influencer marketing are very popular. With biteplay, you will be able to make connections with well-known influencers in your niche.

You only need to type in a keyword, select a region, and specify the highest range of results you want.

You can also set subscribers, creator country and average video views range. Generated lists took a little longer than I expected.

There will be an alphabetical listing of the most popular YouTube influencers, along with their contact information. Additionally, you can record the URLs of their channels or export the entire list as a CSV file.

Also, you can use the built-in email scraper to collect leads directly from their channels.

4. Keyword Research

Using Biteplay’s Keyword Research tool is similar to using YouTube’s Autofill tool. You only need to enter a keyword, select a language, and choose a source from YouTube or Google. It’s that simple.

As a result, it provides a long list of results at once and detailed statistics for each one.

It will find and produce the most relevant terms for you.

I found here not a whole lot of options and not much information such as search volume, how many words, keyword difficulty, etc. So I don’t think that this is very valuable to me personally. It would be nice if they had a little bit more features with the keyword to find a good keyword, so I think it’s lacking.

For this kind of job, VidiQ and Tubbuddy are the best in my opinion. Or if you want a dedicated keyword research tool with a lifetime deal, please check my RankAtom Review.

5. Tag generator

Tags can help you connect with your ideal customers and visitors. Tag Generator can help you improve your YouTube videos’ performance and target a more specific audience by adding tags to the videos.

With this feature, it generates a set of 20-50+ related tags based on your phrase, depending on the topic. Simply copy, filter out the relevant ones, and paste them into the video description box to increase your audience reach.

6. Topic Tracker

Here is another feature that could also be useful to content creators. The Topic Tracker will notify you via email when a new video has been uploaded on YouTube containing your relevant keyword.

Using an algorithm, the tool identifies trending videos according to factors such as date published, number of views, and rate of views. The frequency of notifications can also be set to daily, weekly, or monthly.

7. AI Donut Bot

Here you just put your or your competitor’s YouTube channel link then I will analyze and show you some results such as Productivity, Audience details, Potential videos, and Script generator.

I love its Script generator tool because It provides better and more organized results than ChatGpt.

8. AI Thumbnail Generator

The thumbnail is very important for YouTube videos. With Bitplay AI, you can generate thumbnails. In some cases, it generates irrelevant images, which is not very surprising. AI tools do have some limitations, as we all know.

However, the actual drawback is that it only generates images without adding any text, as a perfect thumbnail includes images, text, strikers, etc. I think they should implement this feature next time. 

The plus point is that the generated images are premium quality and you can easily edit them in Canva to create an eye-catching thumbnail.

Who Should Use Biteplay?

  • Content Creator: YouTube content creators can use it to research relevant videos and keywords and get new ideas. 
  • Ad companies: Advertising companies can track the most popular videos on YouTube and run promotions on them.
  • Brands and Marketers: Marketers can track videos using keywords, comment on them, and boost engagements to increase brand awareness.

Alternatives to Biteplay 

  1. VidIQ 
  2. TubeBuddy
  3. Ahrefs
  4. KeywordSearch
  5. Tuberank Jeet

Plans and Pricing


Regular Plan

The starter plan costs $49 per month with 500 video searches, 20 following keywords, 100 creator searches, and 50 AI credits.

The growth plan costs $99 per month with 1000 video searches, 50 following keywords, 250 creator searches, 100 AI credits, and 3 team members.

The scale plan costs $149 per month with 1500 video searches, 100 following keywords, 500 creator searches, 500 AI credits, and 10 team members.

Lifetime Deal

The single plan costs $99 instead of $2388 including 500 video searches, 100 creator searches, 50 AI credits, 20 following keywords per month, and 10 team members.

The Double plan costs $198 instead of $4788 including 1000 video searches, 250 creator searches, 100 AI credits, 50 following keywords per month, and 25 team members.

The Multiple plan costs $297 instead of $7176 including 1500 video searches, 500 creator searches, 250 AI credits, 100 following keywords per month, and 50 team members.

As you can see the Appsumo lifetime deal provides more features than the regular plan for a one-time payment and a 60-day money-back option.

My Final Opinion

Although this tool has some challenges, I think they could be resolved and that the user experience would be a whole lot better and easier. The concepts of the tool are great, it would be a good alternative to VidiQ and TubeBuddy in the future for people like me who have been paying for years.

If you don’t want to pay monthly subscription fees for VidiQ and TubeBuddy can try Biteplay for just $99 because with a 60-day money-back guarantee you have nothing to lose.

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