Creaitor AI LifeTime Deal Honest Review 2023

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Creaitor is one of the newer entrants into the artificial intelligence writing assistant space. They offer several writing services to both individual writers and larger companies.

I’ve been testing this smart writing assistant for the past few weeks. In this article, I’m going to share my personal and honest opinion about Creaitor AI writing assistant.

What is Creaitor AI

Creaitor AI LifeTime Deal Review

Creaitor AI is a new AI writing assistant that promises to help you create high-quality content quickly and easily.

The Creaitor AI is designed to help you overcome writer’s block and come up with content that is more emotionally expressive. A few days ago, I discovered

Initially, I was doubtful because I thought it would just be another tool that produced garbage content. But amazed me.

In this Creaitor ai review, I will examine how this tool is capable of creating high-quality, unique content for websites, blogs, emails, video scripts, and more.

Creator AI is Best for Bloggers, Copywriters, Marketers, Freelancers, etc.

Creaitor AI Lifetime Deal & Regular Pricing

creaitor ai lifetime deal pricing
creaitor ai lifetime deal pricing

Creaitor AI lifetime deal is back again on AppSumo. Creaitor AI is one of the most affordable AI copywriters on Appsumo, so if you missed it the first time you can grab it now from Appsumo.

You have two options to buy this AI tool: either pay monthly or get a lifetime deal. 

Personally, I would recommend getting the lifetime deal because it is a much better option at $89 with unlimited access to all the features and benefits. 

You can start creating unlimited content copy per month for Unlimited projects right away using 70+ pre-made templates in 25+ languages.

But Keep in mind that there is a Fair Usage Policy. So, don’t abuse the system.

The lifetime deal is still available if you’re serious about using to create better content. I highly recommend you check it out before the deal expires. 

The deal comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, so if you’re not happy with the tool for any reason you can always get your money back.

The LifeTime Deals offers 3 Plans: Single, Double, and Multiple. The single Plan cost $89, the Double plan is $178 and the Multiple cost $267 respectively with Unlimited character generation per month.  You also get an Image generator tool included in the Multiple plans.

creaitor ai regular pricing
creaitor ai regular pricing

If the lifetime deal expires, you can get Creaitor ai at a low monthly price from the official website.

They offer 3 plans: Basic, Standard, and Professional.

The Basic plan price is $9 per month with 100,000 characters, which will cost you $99 if you pay annually.

The Standard plan price is $29 per month with 300,000 characters which will cost you $299 if you pay annually.

And the Professional plan price is $59 per month with Unlimited characters which will cost you $599 if you pay annually.

Creaitor AI Dashboard, Use Cases, and Features

Creaitor AI Dashboard
Creaitor AI Dashboard

Once you have purchased the tool your dashboard will look like this. 

Left Side Menu

In the left-hand side menu, we can see some important options.

First, there is the ‘Projects’ section. You can create new projects and manage existing ones here.

Next, we have a new section called SERP Beater. Here you can see and analyze the top-ranking pages in search engines for specific countries for your targeted keyword. 

Then there is the ‘Editor’ section. You will create your content here. We will take a closer look at this later in this review.

The following section is the ‘Documents’ section, which contains all the content you have created. You can search here and reuse a particular piece of content again if you wish. 

Next, we have the ‘AI Assistant’, which directs you to all templates. By the way, you can also access these templates from the dashboard. has another important feature called the ‘open form’. With this feature, you can create new content without using any templates. You have the freedom to experiment here. 

The only thing you have to do is tell what you want to write about, and it will create a high-quality piece of content for you.

After this, we got the Output section. Here you can find all the AI outputs you have created.

Additionally, there is also a ‘Translate’ section where we can translate our content into other languages. Currently, 25 languages are supported. But I’ve heard that they’re constantly adding languages.

Main Page

On the main page, you can see different use cases or templates under different categories.

First, there is an ALL tab to see all templates.

Next, we got a Blog Tab. So if you’re writing a blog post you have your blog-specific templates called 

  • Blog intro
  • Blog body
  • Text summarizer
  • Sports report
  • Short story
  • Blog outline
  • Blog idea generator
  • Blog conclusion, and 
  • Fictional story idea

After this, we got Digital AD templates. If you’re running an ads campaign you will get access to all the helpful templates like:

  • Facebook Ad Title
  • Facebook Ad Text
  • Google Ad Text
  • Bing Ad Text
  • Pinterest Ad Title
  • Yandex Ad Text
  • Google Ad Title
  • Snapchat Ad Title
  • Taboola Ad Text

Next, we have some templates for eCommerce. If you’re writing content for an e-commerce brand then you have these e-commerce-specific templates called 

  • Amazon product description, 
  • Shopify product description, 
  • Product review etc.

After that we got some Social media templates called:

  • Photo Post Caption
  • Pinterest Pin Title
  • Pinterest Description
  • Personal Bio
  • Facebook Caption
  • LinkedIn Post
  • LinkedIn Bio
  • Reddit post caption
  • TikTok Bio

In the Next tab we have some video templates for video marketing called:

  • Youtube Video Title
  • Youtube Video Description
  • Youtube Video topic idea
  • Video Script Outline
  • Webinar Title ideas

And lastly, you have some specific writer or copywriting templates included. The templates are:

  • Headline
  • Text Summary
  • Content Improve
  • Creative Story
  • Testimonial Helper
  • Company Bio
  • Content Rewrite
  • Google My Business – Event Post
  • Paraphrase Content
  • Job Description Generator
  • Resume
  • Interview Questions
  • FAQs
  • Love letter
  • Answer to question
  • Conclusion
  • Song Lyrics
  • Food Recipe
  • Poems
  • Creative Letter
  • Passive voice to active voice
  • Active voice to passive voice

So you have a couple of different methods in which you can choose to generate content using

How to write a blog post using Long Form Content with Creaitor AI?

First, We have to write an intro paragraph for the article. For this Go to the Dashboard and click the Blog tab and then select blog intro template. Now write your blog topic in the input box. For example, I will write a post on “How To Make Money With AI Writing Tools”.

Next, write your Product / Service name. In my case, I’m leaving it blank because I’m not going to write about any specific product.

Next under the Setting option select your creativity level.

Also, choose how many outputs you want to generate from the output option.

Next, choose your tone of voice and write the Target audience name.

After that, you can show or hide emojis in the article by clicking the Emoji option.

And lastly, select your language and hit the create button.

Within a few seconds, it will generate the content you want. Now copy the right output and go to the long-form editor to paste it. 

After creating the blog intro now we have to generate the blog outline. To generate blog output click on the Blue button in the top right corner beside the save button.

Now choose the Outline generator template from the search bar. Enter your post title or keyword, select creativity, outputs, tone of voice, target audience, emoji, and language, and hit the create button. 

To write a paragraph, highlight the sentence and click on the paragraph button from the above menu. You can also rewrite and improve your content from there. Another option to write paragraphs is to use the Pencil icon in the editor.

Generated Post Sample (Image)

This is the post I’ve generated with the creaitor ai tool. I’ve to read, edit and do some SEO on this post before publishing it to my website. The raw article is not so bad.

Creaitor AI Pros and Cons


  • Lifetime Deal available on AppSumo
  • 70+ AI writing templates
  • Affordable price
  • Build-in content optimization tools available like Surfer SEO and NeuronWriter
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Creates good quality long-form content
  • It can save time by automating content creation
  • Offers 3-day free trials.


  • Some content templates generated junk content
  • Sometimes generate little plagiarised content. 
  • The software is new, so there aren’t many user reviews available.


There are a few alternatives to Creaitor AI that you can check out.

Jasper Ai

Compared to Creaitor AI, Jasper AI has more features, such as a plagiarism checker, SurferSEO integration, and recipes for fast long-form content creation.


The WordHero tool is another alternative designed to help you improve your writing abilities.

It is also affordable and easy to use, so it is a close rival to Creaitor AI.


The NeuronWriter is an NLP content editor that helps you create SEO-friendly content that ranks highly on Google. In addition to finding content ideas, you can also analyze your competitors and create AI content that is high quality. It will also enable you to make better ranking content by optimizing your articles with solid SEO practices.


Bramework is another AI writing assistant that is very similar to Creaitor. Additionally, Bramework offers keyword research for bloggers.


WriterZen is yet another AI-driven writing tool focused on SEO. Similar to Bramework, it combines AI writing and keyword research in one tool. Although WriterZen offers AI writing and SEO keyword research, I would say it is more focused on planning and researching topics.

My Final Opinion

It appears that is still in its beta stage, sometimes generating junk outputs. I do think that they need to make some improvements if they would like to compete with some of the top AI copywriters in the market because as you know it’s getting very competitive and there are a lot of other really really good options.

However, they do have some cool features, and they may be better suited for short-form content since you have some really good templates. Furthermore, they offer a translation feature that lets you input any text in any language and it will translate it automatically. In that case, this tool would also be useful if you are in the content creation business. 

If that interests you, then I recommend grabbing this tool. Get access to the tool permanently for $89 and create unlimited content per month. I’ll leave a link for the lifetime deal in the description below this video.

Besides, If you want a more sophisticated tool that has a lifetime deal, you should consider WordHero. And if you want a really good AI writing tool to create high-quality content today, make sure you try Jasper AI free trial.

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