How to Find High Authority Expired Domains

Before going to know how to find high authority expired domains first let us know what is an expired domain.

What is an expired domain?

A domain name must be renewed every year. If the website owner doesn’t renew then the domain expires. After this the domain host renders the domain inactive, resulting in its deletion. 

Typically, domain registration companies send notice to website owners that their domain names are expiring soon. Domain owners have a 15-30 days grace period during which they can renew expired domains.

During this period, domain names are open for stakes at domain name auctions. The domain name gets deleted if nobody shows interest in it.

However, there are many hidden benefits to expired domains, including established link profiles and authority that can be repurposed.

Benefits of Expired Domains Expired Domains

1. Branding

Branding is important. There are some websites with memorable or recognizable names. This can be a major benefit of using an old domain name that has become available. 

This can come in several forms, such as:

  • There’s still a positive brand history for a local restaurant that closes down
  • An established website with a professional-sounding name
  • Sites have been hosted at the domain for more than 20 years

Branding is a major benefit of using expired domains, as you can “borrow” credibility and branding from the old sites to boost your own.

Warning: You should also avoid domain names with a negative or scammy history or reputation since that can also be attached to a used domain name!

2. Existing Backlinks

When a website isn’t renewed, its domain name retains the strength of existing backlinks.

Buying defunct newspapers or restaurant websites has proven successful for many website builders. These are sites that tend to attract a lot of links when they exist, and some can even receive hard-to-get backlinks. 

For most prospective buyers, the backlink profile of an expiring domain is the most important factor.

3. Existing Traffic

A website that is just getting started can benefit greatly from existing traffic. People may type in the domain name to see what is there, or if they are familiar with the old site, they may revisit it or check in on what happened to it.

Traffic from other sources not only diversifies from Google, but many SEOs believe traffic from multiple sources is at least a mild SEO indicator.

Moreover, it’s just existing traffic, and every bit of traffic builds your brand and generates revenue.

4. Domain Age

In general, older domains are better. It is a positive sign for Google and other search engines when a website has a long history in search engines. As a result, this makes indexing new content easier, is at least a small part of EAT, and might even be part of Google’s ranking algorithm.

The age of a domain, especially if it has been around for 15 or 20 years, can be a major positive.

How To Use Expired Domains

There are many things you can do with expired domain names, but I like to use them in four different ways:

  • Building own authority sites
  • Building a private blog network
  • 301 redirects
  • Flip the Domain
  • Recover an Old Site

Immediately, I will show you how to find powerful expired domain names with traffic and how to check their availability. Before I do that, I want to clarify what you can do with dropped domains.

Method #1 – Building Authority Sites

I love to build new authority sites or niche sites with expired domains. A major problem with new domain names is that you have to invest time & money into building up their page authority.

I prefer to purchase an expired domain that already has a high domain authority and a strong link profile.

As a result, most of the time the sites that are built with expired domains rank on the google first page with little work. A brand-new domain wouldn’t give you that advantage!

Method #2 – Building A Private Blog Network

A good way to rank your site using expired domain names is to create a fleet of high-quality, highly authoritative sites in a specific niche.

However, you must first find and buy expired domain names in your niche that have a clean link profile and are free of spam.

Method #3 – 301 Redirects

Take the expired domain you bought and 301 redirect it to your main website. You will receive a portion of the link juice and authority of the old domain immediately. If that domain name has existing traffic, you get bonus points!

It’s safe to do one or two of these for your main site for a quick shortcut, but you should be aware of the risks. But it shouldn’t be used regularly for link building.

Method #4 – Flip the Domain

Domain flipping is a profitable and lucrative legal business if you do it right technique. Flipping domain names is the practice of buying them as cheaply as possible. 

Afterward, without doing anything, you’ll sell the domain to an interested party for more than what you originally paid.

Method #5 – Recover an Old Site

There were times when you had to work on a site that was too ambitious for your skillset or that you didn’t have the time to complete. It expired, slipped past potential buyers, and sits on the market. If you know an expired domain name has some history/juice, you could get it back and rebuild the site later.

It also works if you’ve had your site hammered for spam tactics in the past and can’t recover. Put the content on an expiring domain if the content was great.

In this way, the site can be given a new lease on life.

With a new domain name, new backlink profile, and focusing on quality content, that hammered old website could become profitable at its new address.

How To Value Expired Domains

It is estimated that 95% of the value of an expired domain comes from its backlink profile

How To Find Powerful Expired Domains Easily

I am going to show you the best way to find expired domains.

To find expired domains, you can use two tools if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty.

  1. PR Rage 2.0 Domain Hunting Software – My Recommendation – (Read my PR Rage Review)
  2. Spamzilla – A cloud-based platform
  3. Domain Hunter Gatherer – A desktop application
PR Rage 2.0 Review
PR Rage 2.0 Review

PR Rage 2.0 Domain Flipping Software

To avoid any of the most common mistakes, you must carefully vet the expired domains you find with both of these tools.

Make sure the domains have clean backlink profiles and a clean history on and were never used in a PBN or deindexed from Google.

How To Use Pr Rage 2.0 Expired Domain Finder?

How To Use Pr Rage 2.0

How to Choose a Perfect Expired Domain

A good expired domain will drive traffic to your business and suit your business perfectly. In any case, the right choice will help you remain at the top of your audience’s minds and grow your brand awareness quickly. Here are a few things to consider:

  1. Know Your Audience: Find out what kind of person your brand resonates with best and what kind of domain name will appeal to them. 
  2. Distinguish Your Brand: Determine what makes your brand unique and look for expired domain names that reflect those characteristics. 
  3. Avoid Spam and Plagiarism: It’s easy to fall into the trap of not being original or even taking a name already used by another brand because there are so many trademarks out there. Before purchasing an expired domain name, do your research carefully.
  4. Understand the Extension: When it comes to expanding your reach, this is very important. “.com” domains are the most common and credible, as they provide global reach. The “.org” domain is mostly used by large organizations and charities, while the “.io” domain is mostly used by tech companies. If you are targeting local traffic, you should only use domains with local extensions such as “.uk” and “.au”.


Here you have it, now you know how to find expired domains and how to use them to your advantage.

If you want to buy expired domain names with traffic or a large SEO authority, you are equipped with the knowledge you need to gain an unfair advantage.

People Also Ask

What Is a Dropped Domain?

Domains that have been dropped, also known as expired domains, are those whose owners have not renewed their registration in time.

Several reasons can lead to this situation: the company has closed, the owner no longer runs the business, or one has forgotten about the domain.

Who owns a domain?

You can check who owns a domain using Whois or websites such as Tucows or GoDaddy. You can find all the information about a domain by entering its exact URL or full domain name.

What happens when domains expire?

Your domain will become inactive immediately if it expires. As a result, all services attached to it also stop working.

Expired domains cannot be updated, but you can reactivate them with your previous rate within the Expired Domain list. Your domain will be declared expired and the domain registrar will start bidding on it.

What is the grace period for domain renewal?

During a domain renewal ‘grace period,’ a person can renew their domain registration at the normal renewal price.

It is common for domain providers to offer a 30-40-day renewal grace period, but this could vary so be sure to check and make note of how many days you have to renew your expired domain.

What time are domains dropped?

A domain name will fall under “deletion” status after 5 days when it is officially removed from the lists between 11 AM and 2 PM Pacific Standard Time.

Is it legal to buy expired domains?

Yes, it’s completely legal to buy expired domains. A reminder email is sent to the owners when their domain expires.

If they don’t do it, that means they are no longer interested in that domain name. Once the redemption period is over, anyone can register the domain name.

Do expired domains still work?

Expired domains can still work if and only if they point to content that is topically relevant.
Content must match. It is not a good idea to redirect, for example, a technology-expired domain to a kitchen content website. This is a red flag. Maintain relevancy.

Can I use expired domains for SEO?

Expired domains are a great way to boost SEO. When you start a new website on an old expired domain, you gain the benefits of all the backlinks that point to it.

In addition, you can use a 301-redirect to boost an existing site by “passing” the juice of that old expired domain to your current site.

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