Rhym Review 2023: Lifetime Deal, Demo, Tutorial

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Okay Introducing Rhym, a game-changing solution for supercharging your lead generation and eCommerce success.

In this article, I’m going to review the Rhym with its features, pricing, lifetime deals, use cases, and alternatives, plus will give my final opinion.

What is Rhym?

Rhym Review

Rhym is a gamification application that makes it easy to build web games as marketing content to boost brand engagement, drive sales, and capture more leads. Plus you can also offer coupons alongside that.

Say goodbye to the time-consuming, traditional development process. Rhym lets you create gamified, interactive content effortlessly within a few minutes. Therefore, you can spend your time and money wisely.

Rhym Features

1. Powerful and Easy to Use Editor

Rhym makes it easy to create gamified marketing content that’s not only engaging but super effective. whether you’re a Season Pro or just starting out in the world of digital marketing Rhym’s got you covered.

2. Developing interactive content without coding

It’s easy to create interactive content with Rhym, so you don’t have to worry about coding. With Rhym, you can create premium gaming experiences that go beyond the typical wheel spin and can be done in a fraction of the time and cost. Choose from a variety of fully customizable templates designed to increase engagement on your website.

3. Creates Interactive Quizzes

Want your users to be engaged, educated, and converted? Rhyms got you covered with interactive quizzes. 

Using the insights gathered from these quizzes, you can provide customized shopping suggestions. We can all benefit from that. 

4. luck-based games for discounts

Rhym also allows you to offer discounts and giveaways using luck-based games. This will generate buzz that your audience will love. It’s a great way to keep them coming back 

5. Customizable content templates in different niches

There are endless options for customization. The Rhym content editor is intuitive and easy to use. Upload images, add icons, and customize colors and fonts to fit your branding. The best part is that you can scrape images from your website, ensuring you always have access to your latest assets.

6. engage your audience with end screens 

As a final touch, Rhym provides users with an intuitive editor that lets them adjust the details of every bit of interactive content they create. In addition, you can create custom screens that guide visitors to enter their information or place an order. Offer a discount code at the end of your game or quiz. It’s a surefire way to motivate people to purchase. Based on user scores, you can make variable offers using diverse logic and appearances.

7. Lead Generation Form

It allows you to add a lead generation form called lead screen to your game. It will appear before the end screen. It will collect names, emails, phone numbers, and more.

8. Call-to-action buttons 

Additionally, Rhym lets you add call-to-action buttons to your end screen. Users can be directed to your social media or relevant product page. It’s all about giving your audience a clear direction. 

Use Cases 

1. E-commerce owners

Engage your online shoppers with engaging Spin and Wheel games and offer discounts that keep them coming back

2. Content Creators

create interactive quizzes related to your Niche to increase user engagement and gain valuable insights for your content.

3. lead generation guy

Build a robust email list with irresistible lead magnets such as surveys, quizzes, and games.

4. Event marketing 

Engage your audience through theme-related quizzes and games, which can provide free tickets or exclusive merchandise as prizes

5. education 

Engages students and makes online course learning fun with interactive quizzes and games.

Pricing and plans 

Let’s take a look at Rhym’s pricing and plans and why the app Sumo lifetime deal is such a great value.

Regular pricing 

The starter plan is $49 per month for 4,000 clicks on campaigns, one custom domain, and 2GB of storage

The Pro Plan includes 10,000 clicks, two custom domains, and 5GB of storage for $109 per month.

Next, Pro Plus accounts include 25,000 clicks, five custom domains, and 20 GB of storage per month for $249.

There are also two more plans, premium and enterprise, that cost $399 and $500+, respectively.

Lifetime Deal

Here’s the appsumo lifetime deal that you won’t want to miss.

With the Tier 1 license, you only pay $49 once and get all features plus 5,000 clicks on campaigns

Tier 2 licenses cost $109 for a lifetime and include all features, 10,000 clicks, and future integrations

Tier three licenses cost $249 one time for 40,000 clicks and unlimited CNames with the same advantages as license tier two.

Appsumo lifetime is a game changer to pay once and use Rhym for the rest of your life

This plan saves you a lot of money, gets you the same features as a higher-tier regular plan, and gives you a marketing tool for years to come.

User Reviews 

let’s dive into user reviews to see what people are saying about Rhym on AppSumo.

let’s start with the negative reviews. While Rhym appears promising, users have noted that it lacks some key features such as integration with e-commerce marketing platforms.

Now let’s move on to the positive reviews. The ability to customize game templates easily, unlimited campaigns, and quick customer support are some of the reasons why users choose Rhym.

For added entertainment, a user suggested adding the ability to include music in the Rhym

My Final Verdict

The reviews shed light on Rhym’s strengths and areas for improvement. Users seem to like Rhym and it clearly has great potential. Rhym might be an appropriate choice for you depending on how it aligns with your specific business requirements. 

Whether you’re a startup or a seasoned business, Rhym can help you generate leads, boost conversions, and make your audience fall in love with your brand.

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