Stageset Review – Best Client Management Tool

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Managing sales interactions and juggling multiple clients can be confusing.

Imagine if you could share sales presentations that were packed with rich, interactive content.

Meet Stageset – a smart client management software.

In this Stageset review, I will share my personal experience and see its features, use cases, lifetime deals, regular pricing, and user reviews. 

So let’s get started.

What is Stageset?
Stageset Review

Stageset is a smart sales and client management tool that lets you centralize and manage all your client interactions from Outreach to onboarding.

Create personalized sales rooms packed with interactive elements, media files, and downloadable content.

Keep track of when prospects enter sales rooms, what they engage with, and when they invite their colleagues to gain insights.

If you are in a hurry and don’t have time to watch the whole review, then you can visit its lifetime deal page on Appsumo. 

With a 97% discount and a 60-day money-back guarantee, The company is offering the tool at just $59 for a lifetime. 

Open a new AppSumo account to get another 10% discount. That’s a really good deal. 

Stageset Features

1. Creates sales rooms with ease

It’s easy to create a digital sales room. simply choose from a variety of templates or create your own. Just enter your company’s name and add your buyer’s logo to create a personalized digital sales room.

2. Collaborate with prospects using media 

Engage your prospects throughout the sales journey with video and spreadsheets embedded within your sales room. Set deadlines, assign tasks, and define the next steps seamlessly.

3. Track engagement and interaction score 

Are you concerned about who is engaging with your salesroom? Stageset is there for you. It records every interaction, from entry to engagement, so you can see which deals are hot and which ones need a little nudge.

4. Content Download Option

Giving away downloadable digital products is a great way to close deals. It allows you to create sales rooms that are filled with interactive elements and downloadable content that ensures every sale is closed.

Who Should Use Stageset?

1. Real Estate Agency 

You can create immersive sales rooms with 3D property renders and videos if you are in real estate. Use a simple URL to invite clients and track what catches their attention. In addition to selling properties, you’re also selling experiences.

2. Consultant

Consult with each client and create dedicated sales rooms to share interactive plans and reports. Users can get access without complicated logins, and you’ll know what interests them. Become a proactive consultant and meet the needs of your clients.

3. Startup Business Owners/Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs impress investors and clients with compelling product demos and pitch decks with the help of sales room features. Track engagement and know what sparks interest with Stageset if you’re a startup powerhouse.

4. Digital Agency

With dedicated sales rooms, digital agencies streamline client projects and share progress reports. Analyze their interactions and adjust your strategy accordingly. With this, your agency will become a digital powerhouse.

Pricing and Plans

Regular Plans

Now let’s talk about how to get Stageset without emptying your wallet

The basic plan starts at just $29 per month per user and gives you access to unlimited deal rooms, client analytics, and mutual action plans.

Those who are looking for a bit more can opt for the Pro Plan at $49 per month per user offers 25% savings. This plan includes everything from the basic plan as well as Advanced Analytics, Stageset AI, and Stageset sign.

For those seeking the ultimate experience, the Enterprise plan is available upon request, offering white-labeling options, a dedicated success manager, end-to-end implementation, and custom integrations. You can always talk to the Stageset team about this top-tier plan.

Lifetime Deal

The Appsumo lifetime deal for Stageset is creating waves. There are three tiers to choose from

Tier one licenses are available for $59 instead of $1,740, and provide all features, including catering to five users.

Purchasing license tier 2 for $119 instead of $5,880 will give you access to all features for 10 users, as well as future integrations and advanced analytics.

The license tier 3 option is $259 instead of 29,400. This grants you access to all features for 50 users as well as future integrations and advanced analytics that you cannot ignore at up to 97% off regular pricing. You pay for it once and enjoy all of the features forever.

User Reviews 

let’s hear from the people who’ve put Stageset to the test their feedback can tell us a lot. 

Some users found it to have a small learning curve, but overall had a positive experience with it. A user initially had some reservations, but saw the product’s potential to improve

Clients loved its responsive support and one-time payment option, making it a valuable tool for startups

Several Appsumo users noted that Stageset significantly streamlined their sales process, allowing them to engage with clients and present pitches professionally. 

My Opinion

Stageset positively impacts its users, despite a few minor concerns. So, get Stageset today to unlock your sales success!

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