Webbotify Review: Best AI ChatBot for E-commerce

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Your website’s visitors deserve personal attention, but maybe You don’t have enough hours in the day to personally support every website visitor. 

Chatbots are a fun way to stay in touch with customers and prospects. Imagine if you could train a chatbot and create a multilingual assistant that works 24/7, engaging visitors and capturing leads. Awesome Right?

Meet Webbotify – An AI chatbot to provide automated customer support.

In this article, I’m going to review Webbotify with its features, pricing, lifetime deals, use cases, and alternatives with my final opinion.

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What Is Webbotify?

Webbotify Review

Webbotify is a ChatGPT-powered chatbot that can boost visitor engagement, capture more leads, and offer support in over 95 languages.

Automate customer support with e-commerce or Shopify integration by adding shipment, fulfillment, and order tracking information.

Additionally, you’ll be able to define where the chatbot appears on your site, just add the code to the relevant pages.

Webbotify Features

1. Create Chatbot in Minutes

It takes minutes to create an AI-powered chatbot using Webbotify! In one click, it will retrieve every URL from the domain you provided.

You can train your chatbot by using webpages, PDFs, and text documents. The more content you upload, the smarter your chatbot gets!

When you’re ready, add the chatbot to your website via embed code and launch your own smart assistant in just a few minutes!

2. Customization

You can customize the chatbot’s response tone and nature to match your brand and website. 

You can name the chatbot and write an individualized welcome message to match your brand.

To match your site’s aesthetic, you can upload your logo and use your brand colors. Additionally, you’ll be able to define where the chatbot appears on your site, just add the code to the relevant pages.

3. Collect Leads

Make follow-up with leads easier by enabling the “Capture Emails” option in chat. When visitors interact with your bots, Webbotify will ask them for their email addresses.

4. Analytics and insights

In your analytics dashboard, you can see user behavior, popular queries, and engagement metrics.

As a result, you will be able to create more effective marketing content, sales collateral, and customer support materials. Moreover, you can track the average time spent, so you can see how much time you’re saving.

5. Chat History 

Access chat history and user location data to keep track of every interaction your user has with your chatbot. It gives you a deep insight into what your customers want.

The platform will also allow customers to be transferred to live agents in a single click, ensuring a super smooth service experience.

6. Order Updates

You can quickly resolve all order-related queries with Webbotify, as it seamlessly integrates with your order management system. Even when you and your team are sleeping.

To automate customer support, use the custom API integration to add shipment, fulfillment, and order tracking information to your e-commerce or Shopify store.

7. Product Recommendation

By leveraging the understanding of your website and product catalog, Webbotify will recommend relevant products & provide detailed information about each product.

8. Multi-language support

Chatbots automatically detect customers’ language and respond to their queries in that language.

Webbotify lets you provide support in over 95 languages, saving you money on translation.

Who is WebBotify Best For?

1. Customer support

Customer Support providers can benefit from Webbotify’s 95 language support, as they can automatically help global customers without the need to pay for translation services. The system will interact with customers as a live agent.

2. E-commerce

Using WebBotify review, visitors can quickly and accurately get answers to frequently asked questions. E-commerce websites can use it to answer customer service questions about shipping, returns, and product availability, freeing up customer service representatives to handle more complex requests.

3. SaaS

a software company can use WebBotify to ask potential customers about their specific needs and recommend the most suitable product or service based on their responses.

4. Lead Generation Expert

It can collect leads By asking relevant questions and providing appropriate responses based on the user’s input.

Webbotify Review Alternatives

  1. Cloozo
  2. ChatNode AI
  3. LiveChatAI
  4. Webbotify
  5. Answerly
  6. Robofy

Plans and Pricing

Regular Plan

  • BASIC plan costs $19/month for 1 Chatbot, 30 web pages, and Basic Analytics
  • GROWTH plan costs $49/month for 1 Chatbot, 200 web pages, 25 PDF files, Chat History, Capture Leads, and Multi-language support.
  • The PROFESSIONAL plan costs $69/month for 2 Chatbots, 5000 web pages, 100 PDF files, and all the features included in the Growth plan.
  • The ULTIMATE plan costs $399/month for unlimited Chatbot, unlimited web pages, 500 PDF files, No Webbotify branding, and all the features included in the PROFESSIONAL plan.

Lifetime Deal

  • License Tier 1 costs $69 originally $690 offers 2 chatbots, 10 files (PDF), 100 web pages/URLs
  • License Tier 2 costs $169 originally $1690 offers 5 chatbots, 100 files (PDF), 2000 web pages/URLs
  • License Tier 3 costs $299 originally $2990 offers 20 chatbots, 500 files (PDF), 5000 web pages/URLs, and no Webbotify branding

The Appsumo deal is fantastic because you get a one-time payment for a lifetime of access to Webbotify without any recurring monthly fees. No need to break the bank with subscriptions.

User Review

Let’s see what the Appsumo community has to say about the Webbotify chatbot.

The chatbot builder has been listed recently and is new to the AppSumo marketplace. So, It has no positive or negative reviews yet. But, If you decide to try it, don’t worry because it offers a 60-day money-back guarantee ensuring you have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

My Final Opinion

I’m really interested in this tool due to its ease of use and incredible features. The $69 one-time investment makes it more suitable for business owners.

If you want to expand your online presence, collect more leads, and sell more products, Webbotify is a comprehensive solution you can’t live without. So, I highly recommend this AI chatbot builder tool.

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