Is Autoblogging AI Worth It? (Surprisingly Good) USA 2023

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Autoblogging AI Review: Free AI Article Generator (Surprisingly Good) – I’m always looking for ways to automate my life. Wouldn’t it be great to have a blog that writes itself? can help you with that.

In today’s post we’ll be doing a review of, a service that uses artificial intelligence to generate blog posts automatically. 

Auto allows you to generate full-length articles in a couple of clicks. We’ll discuss what the service offers, how it works, and whether it is worth using.

Using this app, you can automatically create blog content based on the topics you specify. So I gave it a try to see if it lived up to expectations.

What is

Autoblogging AI is an AI Writing Tool that can automatically generate content for your blog. It is one of the easiest and most popular tools for setting up an AI-powered blog. 

Simply enter a few keywords, and it will generate a unique article for you. is definitely worth considering if you’re looking for a way to generate content for your blog without spending hours writing articles.

Autoblogging AI Features

  • One-click Article generation
  • Instant Bulk Articles
  • One-click long Amazon product Reviews generation
  • HTML Format

AutoBlogging.AI Pricing: How Much Does Cost?

At the time of writing this article you can get a plan for for completely free. Yes you heard that correct not a free trial but you can get a plan for completely free.

They currently have a promotion on Appsumo which allows you to get it for free.

The free plan includes five credits every month for life. Therefore, no matter how long you have this plan, you will always receive five credits. 

Additionally, you will get access to quick mode, bulk generation, Pro mode, Amazon review writer, and some other free tools.

So I highly recommend that you go out and grab this deal. I mean it’s free, so you don’t have to pay anything, there’s no risk involved. All you have to do is head over to Appsumo.

Regular Plans and Pricing of Autoblogging.AI

  • Free: $0/mon
  • Starter: $19/Mon ( 20 Articles)
  • Regular: $49/Mon ( 60 Articles)
  • Standard: $99/Mon ( 150 Articles)
  • Premium: $249/Mon (Fair Usage Policy – 750 Articles)

Autoblogging AI Templates Overview: How Does Work?

How Does Work

This is the dashboard you will see once you have selected Although it’s not as intuitive or easy to use as some other best AI copywriting tools out there, it’s free. 

So maybe they’re still in the process of building the product. Let’s use one of their templates and see what type of quality we can expect.

The tool is similar to wordplay, with several templates that allow you to generate content.

In Quick Mode, there is a button called Bulk Generate.

Using this tool, you can enter multiple different titles for blog posts you would like to generate and the tool will generate those articles for you.

There is a box below the Bulk Generate option where you can enter the title of the article. This tool will create a full length article based on a title you entered.

Next you have the Pro Mode, which gives you a little bit more customization and the ability to really be detailed in the type of content or blog post in which you like to get back.

There’s also a built-in Amazon Reviews writer and some other Free Tools in which we’ll check out later in this review.

Generating a Blog Post Using the Quick Mode

Autoblogging AI Dashboard
Autoblogging AI Dashboard

Enter a blog title and select a language then click the generate article button.

Each article takes about one to two minutes to generate, and there’s a nice little GIF to keep you entertained while it’s being generated.

Most of the article takes about 30 seconds for it to generate which is pretty fast.

Using this free AI Writer, you can easily create detailed blog posts of 2,000 words or more within about 30 seconds.

Simply click on the download button and the article will be downloaded, and then you can go ahead and post it on your blog or wherever you post your content.

Generating Articles Using the Bulk Mode

The next way to generate full-length blog posts is by using the bulk generate feature. This feature allows you to generate articles in bulk, so you can have a maximum of 10 articles at once.

As we did in the previous template, all you have to do is enter the article title and then enter a new title in a new line for whatever you’d like to generate.

So for instance let’s say we wanted to generate two different articles: the first would be “how to lose weight quickly without going to the gym” and the second would be “how to prepare for a job interview to increase the likelihood of getting the job”.

Autoblogging AI Bulk Article Generator
Autoblogging AI Bulk Article Generator

You can enter the title of your article and make sure there is a space between them to let the AI know that they are different topics, then give your project a name and click generate articles.

To see how this blog post looks, just click download zip and it’ll come up as a zip file, which you can open up and copy and paste over to Google Docs.

Overall, I’m very impressed by the quantity which we got back and also that the blog posts are longer in length than you can use directly on your own website or blog after using the bulk generation template.

Again, I’m very impressed with the quantity and quality of output we’re getting from, especially considering it’s free at the moment.

Generating Article Using the Pro Mode

Autoblogging AI Pro Mode
Autoblogging AI Pro Mode

The third way in which you can generate full length articles on this tool is using the Pro Mode.

Essentially this allows you to really give more details and really construct the blog post in which you’d like to generate.

Initially, you enter the general title of the article, but you can get a little more specific by adding a subheading and then keywords for that specific subheading and so on for as many subheadings as you want.

So instead of just giving the title to the AI and letting the AI construct the whole blog post you’re leading the AI in terms of how you want the blog post to be structured.

This specific template allows you to have a minimum of 3 subheadings and a maximum of 10. Once you’re satisfied with your setup, click generate article.

I gotta say I’m very impressed by this tool. I can’t get over how good it is and especially since I’ve used a lot of other AI copywriting tools in the market.

There are a lot of one-click article generation tools you can pay a lot of money for, but they do not give you the quality and quantity this tool delivers.

Generating Product Review Article With Amazon Review Writer Template

Autoblogging AI Amazon Reviews Writer
Autoblogging AI Amazon Reviews Writer

It’s also possible to write reviews for Amazon products with this free AI writing tool. You just have to enter a product URL and you’re good to go. 

Find a product you would like to write a review on or it could be your own product you want to review. 

In this case, paste the url in the listing and the AI will read the description of the item and write a custom review for that product. You just have to enter the product URL.

My overall impression of and this specific feature is very positive.

Autoblogging AI Free SEO Tools

Autoblogging AI Free Tools
Autoblogging AI Free Tools

Last, there are some free tools that you can use, such as the title generator, the meta description generator, and the headlines or outline generator.

Autoblogging AI Alternatives

  • Jasper AI
  • Wordplay
  • Writersonic
  • Rytr
  • Closercopy
  • Anyword

Read our honest comparison about Auboblogging AI vs Wordplay AI.

Autoblogging AI is Best for

  • Bloggers
  • Content creators
  • Marketing agencies
  • etc

Autoblogging AI Pros and Cons

Autoblogging AI Pros

  • Quickly and easy AI content writer for your website or blog
  • One-click AI article generator
  • Produce SEO optimized and ready to publish content.
  • Great for generating niche topic
  • Provide impressive results
  • It’s a good AI assistant
  • Amazon Product review writer tool.
  • New features are always being added by the team behind it.

Autoblogging AI Cons

  • The UI is not great, but the results are
  • It’s not the perfect, you can face few errors
  • Expensive.
  • is not yet available in all languages

Is Worth It?

The majority of reviews of praise its ease of use and wide range of features. A money-back guarantee also attracts many users, who get to try the software before committing.

However, some users have expressed concerns about customer service, while others have found the software difficult to use. However, appears to be relatively popular and well-liked.

Yes Autoblogging AI Worth it. It’s now completely free on Appsumo.

Overall Review & Recommendation of 

I was extremely impressed by this tool. It was one of the best one-click article generation tools I have ever used. And even better, it’s currently available on Appsumo for free.

If you enjoyed this article and learned something new, I couldn’t recommend this tool any more.

If you did, please give us a big thumbs up and subscribe to our website by hitting the bell icon until next time, stay healthy.


Does Autoblogging.AI Produce Unique Articles ?

Yes. All of these articles pass plagiarism tests.

Are Autoblogging.AI Articles SEO Optimized?

Yes, SEO Optimized. But I highly recommend checking and optimising the article manually  if you want to rank higher on google.

Can we post to WordPress Automatically?


Do Autoblogging AI provide a free trial?

Generally No, but at this time it offers a complete free plan on Appsumo. (The offer will expire soon).

Can I Generate Articles in Bulk with Autoblogging AI?

You can generate up to 10 articles at once on this bulk generation platform. For each batch, download the text files in zip format.

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