Autoblogging AI Vs Wordplay: Which Is The Best AI Too? USA 2023

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In today’s post we’ll be doing a comparison between and

Both of these tools are Best AI copywriters which allow you to generate full length articles in just a couple of clicks.

Simply enter your keyword or specific topic into their built-in templates and you’ll be able to create a full-length blog post.

Autoblogging AI vs Wordplay: LifeTime Deal

At the time of writing this article Wordplay lifetime deal has ended but You can still grab an annual plan for 40% off! (Expiring Soon). And Autoblogging AI has a lifetime deal on Appsumo and it’s currently completely free.

You don’t need to pay anything to get started with, and each month you’ll receive five credits. This means that every month, you will have the opportunity to create five new pieces of content or articles using for free.

  • Wordplay: Lifetime deal expired (but 40% off on yearly plan)
  • Autoblogging AI: Lifetime deal exist (expiring soon)

Autoblogging AI vs Wordplay: Pricing

Autoblogging AI plans and pricing
Autoblogging AI plans and pricing
wordplay ai plans and pricing
Wordplay AI Plans and Pricing

Wordplay Plans Pricing

  • Starter: 7 Day Trial (5,000 Words)
  • Pro Version Monthly: (20k worlds = $35/mon, 40k words = $59/mon, 80k words = $99/mon, 200k words = $229/mon, 500k words = $549/mon, 1m words = $999/mon)
  • Pro Version Yearly: (20k words = $21/mon, 40k words = $35/mon, 80k words = $59/mon, 200k words = $139/mon, 500k words = $329/mon, 1m words = $599/mon)

Autoblogging AI Plans Pricing

  • Free: $0/mon
  • Starter: $19/Mon ( 20 Articles)
  • Regular: $49/Mon ( 60 Articles)
  • Standard: $99/Mon ( 150 Articles)
  • Premium: $249/Mon (Fair Usage Policy – 750 Articles)

So those are the pricing differences between and Let’s do a deep comparison between Wordplay and and determine which tool is more effective at creating long form articles quickly and easily.

Let’s have a look at the features, the templates, and the types of blog posts we can expect using these tools.

Wordplay and Autoblogging AI: Features & Templates

Autoblogging AI Dashboard
Autoblogging AI Dashboard
wordplay ai writing tool
Wordplay AI Writing Tool

On the dashboard, you will have a couple of different ways in which you can generate content using built-in templates called Outline Mode, Title Mode, Topic Mode, Bulk CSV Mode.

On the other hand, if you head over to, you can see a couple of different templates in which we can use to generate content like  Quick Mode, Bulk Generate, Pro Mode, Amazon Reviews and Free Tools

Between both tools, the most comparable templates are the Article Title under the Quick Mode on and the Title Mode on Wordplay.

Simply enter a title for the blog post you wish to create and the AI will generate the full article for you.

Autoblogging Ai Vs Wordplay: Which is best for Full-length Blog Posts?

We created an article about the “best affordable watchers for beginners” using both AI softwares. Both of the tools are very quick and I’m happy with their speed. 

You will usually receive your article within 30 seconds to one minute. I will now tell you which tools met my expectations.

Wordplay: The article was 1167 words long, which is good. As for quantity and quality, we would give this blog post a 7 out of 10.

AutoBlogging.AI: The same blog post by Autoblogging.Ai was over 2,300 words. That’s a big difference in terms of quality and quantity. I also appreciate how in-depth this article was from

In terms of quality, quantity, and just overall quality of content, I would probably give this an 8.5 out of 10.

It’s not only a very in-depth and high quality blog post, it’s also a very long blog post, so it doesn’t really need much more editing. 

Maybe you can add some additional details to it to really make it more attractive, but for the most part, this is a blog post you can post on your website or blog with confidence.

Autoblogging AI vs Wordplay: Which is best for Generating Bulk Articles?

Another way in which you can generate content on Wordplay and is by using their Topic Mode and Bulk Generate Mode.

These templates are really good at generating multiple articles at once. You simply enter the topics for those articles within the section, and the AI will generate them.

For example, if we wanted to generate three blog posts, just enter those topics in the box.

Remember: Enter each article title in a new line and  keep one line gap between each  title.

We created 3 blog posts on both AI tools about the “best yoga poses to start as a beginner”, “what is ai and how does it affect our future” and “how to raise money as a new startup”

I will now tell you which AI copywriter tools provided good results and  met our expectations in the Bulk Mode.

As mentioned above, both of these tools generate content quickly. The version was a little faster, but not a substantial difference.

First Article: It was a fairly short blog post of around 1000 worlds. Once again, we got a very basic article from wordplay. Our rating would probably be 6 out of 10. It definitely needs to be a little bit longer and more in-depth.

Second Article: Again we got a short article around 1000 words

If you use’s Bulk Mode, you have to download the zip file once your articles are complete.

First Article: We got a lot of detailed information and that is very relevant. Again, we’re getting a lot of higher quality and more detailed content from 

This article was over 1600 words which is a lot more than from the first article from wordplay.

Second Article: In comparison to wordplay, it was very in-depth. This blog post was over 1700 words in total and I’m very impressed with the quality and quantity of information.

The blog post wasn’t just long, it was very in-depth as well.

Autoblogging AI Vs Wordplay: Overall Recommendation

Which is the Best Ai Article Generator? When comparing the quality and quantity of content we can expect from these two ai copywriters, I would definitely choose over Wordplay. produced better articles than Wordplay in every single example that we tested.

Therefore, if you’re choosing between the two, I recommend Autoblogging.Ai.

Start by getting the free plan and generating some content within your niche. Later you can subscribe to a paid plan if you like the tool.

However, if you want to try wordplay for yourself, you can do so.

  • Autoblogging AI = 8.5/10
  • Wordplay AI = 7/10

Hopefully you learned something new from this post and enjoyed it. Please subscribe to our website if you haven’t already. Until next time, stay well

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