SMS iT CRM Review – Close Leads via SMS, Email, and Social

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Do you struggle to generate leads and close deals for your business? SMS-iT CRM is the answer. Its all-in-one marketing and sales capabilities will help you transform your marketing and sales approach. 

In this SMS-iT CRM review, I will explain how SMS-iT CRM can help you generate more leads through SMS, email, and social media. As well, I will check whether SMS-iT CRM is worth investing in. 

Moreover, I will compare Appsumo’s lifetime deal and regular plan pricing to show you which plan is best for your business.

What is SMS-iT CRM and How Does it Work?

sms it crm overview
sms it crm overview

SMS-iT CRM is a game-changer in marketing and sales Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. If you want to increase your lead generation and streamline your marketing efforts through two-way communication, SMS-iT CRM is the ideal option.

Reaching potential customers has never been easier with multiple messaging channels such as SMS, email, and social media. Take advantage of over 30 social channels to reach out to leads, manage messages from one inbox, plus record and make video calls.

Gain insights with Smart Analytics, manage your sales pipeline effortlessly, and say goodbye to juggling multiple platforms. 

SMS-iT CRM gives you access to endless possibilities for your business with different license tiers and a lifetime deal.

Features of SMS-It CRM

1. Easy to Use Dashboard

sms it crm dashboard
sms it crm dashboard

After logging in to the dashboard, we can see its user-friendly interface is not so difficult to use. On the top bar, we have some tools to maintain accounts and see incoming notifications. On the right side, we have all the unique features to access easily.

First, set up your SMS Gateway And SMPP from the “My setting option” in the dashboard. From there you can connect a SIM card, SMS GATEWAYS, and SMPP Server. You can also get a new number and can change your subscription plan from this option.

2. Smart Inbox with AI Chatbot 

Smart inboxes are intelligent inboxes that use artificial intelligence. The smart inbox allows you to connect multiple channels to one contact and you can connect a bunch of different social media accounts.

Sending messages to Facebook, Instagram, SMS, email, Linkedin, and all the 30 different social media platforms is a really cool system.

If you enable the artificial intelligence chatbot, the system will automatically respond to people in a charismatic manner. 

This allows you to have 100% AI message management, so if you’re just really busy and can’t respond to messages all the time, this will take care of it for you.

3. Smart Dialer

Smart dialer is the way to go when it comes to making calls. It comes packed with features like call recording, video conferencing, and note-taking.

Say goodbye to missed opportunities and incomplete data, SMS it CRM has got you covered.

During sales conversations, make notes and communicate important information with the team or the client.

4. Smart Analytics

In order to make informed decisions, smart analytics is essential. The program provides all the data and metrics necessary for fine-tuning your campaigns. 

Know what’s working and what’s not, thanks to Stats, link average clicks, conversion rates, social media reach, and more. It’s about empowering you to optimize your strategies for Maximum Impact.

5. Multi-Channel Messaging

The SMS gateways and SMPP-decentralized connections in SMS-iT CRM enable you to communicate with your audience via text, voice, email, fax, and other channels.

6. Seamless Email Communication: 

SMTP gateways handle incoming and outgoing email communication smoothly, making it easier to interact with prospects and clients.

7. Intelligent Contact Management

Stay organized and manage your contacts with ease. Take advantage of clever contact management to keep track of your leads, clients, and conversations.

8. Notepad for Note-Taking and Sharing

Save significant notes in the CRM. Using the notepad tool, you can jot down important information and distribute it as needed.

9. Appointment Booking

Setting up meetings and providing reminders before meetings may prevent warm leads from becoming cold. With intuitive calendar views and pre-called notifications, you’ll be able to close more deals and increase your sales rate. 

10. Sales Pipeline Mastery

Your sales pipeline tool allows you to efficiently move prospects through the sales process while maintaining their organization.

11. Comprehensive Activity Logs

Log your activities thoroughly to stay up to date. Maintain a close eye on any activity inside the CRM to make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

12. Insightful Leads Reports

Having access to insightful information about your leads’ interactions and activities can help you make informed decisions.

13. Unlimited Daily Send Limits

You can send messages without restrictions. For effective communication, you don’t have to worry about a daily sending cap.

14. Robust Integrations

Integrate easily with well-known systems like Zapier, Dropbox, Shopify, HubSpot, Mailchimp, Salesforce, Slack, DocuSign, WordPress, and Google Calendar. 4000+ applications are accessible through Zapier, so the possibilities are endless.

15. Cost-Efficiency

The SMS-iT CRM is an affordable solution for companies of all sizes thanks to its set pricing of $0.00 per message.

Who Should Use SMS-IT CRM?

let’s explore how SMS CRM can revolutionize your business with some quick use case 

1. Event Organizers: You can effectively manage your prospects and marketing activities with SMS-IT CRM if you handle events. It can help you with SMS reminder updates and real-time engagement tracking 

Marketers: Marketers may use social media integrations, SMS, and email to efficiently contact their target audience.

Small Businesses: Small businesses can manage appointments, track leads, and streamline team communication.

Shop Owners: It helps to Increase the cart conversion rate. Shop owners can boost conversion rates by sending personalized SMS with discounts to recover abandoned carts 

Real Estate Agents: Real estate agents can keep track of client preferences, schedule viewings, and confirm appointments with a smart dialer.

Pros and Cons


  • All-in-one CRM solution for marketing and sales
  • Multi-channel capabilities including SMS, email, and social media
  • Smart Analytics for data-driven decision making
  • Seamless communication through calls with note-sharing
  • Efficient sales pipeline management
  • Streamlined operations and boosted the lead close rate
  • Different license tiers to suit individual needs


  • Utilization of all features requires a learning curve
  • May require additional training for teams unfamiliar with CRM systems

What Kind of Support Does SMS-it Offer?

  • Email/Help Desk
  • FAQs/Forum
  •  Knowledge Base
  •  Phone Support
  •  24/7 (Live Rep)
  • Chat

Pricing and plans

Next, let’s discuss SMS CRM pricing and plans. 

Appsumo LifeTime deal

sms it crm appsumo lifetime deal
sms it crm appsumo lifetime deal

Let’s start with Appsumo’s lifetime deal pricing. There are three excellent options available to you.

With licensed Tier One for just $79, originally valued at $1,500, you get all the features including 5,000 credits per month, unlimited user seats, and unlimited contacts.

Licensed Tier 2 costs $159, down from $2700, and includes 10,000 credits per month, unlimited user seats, unlimited contacts, and the smart inbox.

With licensed tier 3, this premium package is available for only $299, down from a staggering $9,860. Tier 3 includes all features of tier 2 plus 100,000 credits per month, so you can supercharge your sales and marketing efforts.

Regular Pricing

sms it crm pricing
SMS It CRM Pricing

Now let’s compare that to the regular pricing of SMS CRM. 

The starter plan, designed for small businesses costs $299 per month. However, its features are limited when compared to Appsumo’s lifetime membership.

The business plan, their most popular option is set at $699 per month, while it offers more than the starter plans, it still falls short of the incredible value provided by the Appsumo deal.

Finally, the VIP plan tailored for medium businesses goes for $999 per month, even at this level it can’t compete with the Appsumo lifetime deal in terms of cost Effectiveness.

With the Appsumo lifetime deal, you get a top-tier marketing and sales CRM for an unbeatable price, so you can use SMS IT CRM without recurring costs.

Don’t miss out on the deal by clicking the link in the description right now. Take advantage of this opportunity to make your business stand out.


sms it crm review
SMS It CRM Review

Take a moment to see what users are saying about SMS It CRM on Appsumo. It’s always helpful to hear from those who have experienced it firsthand.

There are tons of users who give it five-star reviews for its effectiveness, even though some users complain about its cons. 

Before purchasing it, you can read all the positive and negative reviews on the Appsumo product page. In addition, it will assist you in making the right choice.


Even though there may be some room for improvement, SMS It CRM has gained positive reviews and has some promising features.

Whatever your business size, SMS-iT CRM will help you generate leads, increase sales, and manage customer relationships.

Don’t let SMS-IT CRM’s lifetime deal slip through your fingers. Act now and secure your future.


Can I send personalized messages through SMS-iT CRM?

SMS, email, and social media platforms all allow you to send personalized messages.

Can I track the engagement of my messages?

Absolutely! It is possible to track the engagement of your messages and optimize your marketing campaigns based on this data.

Can I record calls and share notes with team members or customers?

Call recording and note sharing are both available in the Smart Dialer, which enhances communication and collaboration.

Can I customize SMS-iT CRM to suit my business needs?

Certainly! SMS-iT CRM provides different license tiers with varying credit limits, user seats, and contacts. Choose the one that meets your specific needs.

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