RankAtom Review – Perfect Keyword Research Tool

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Can’t seem to find the right keywords for your content and tired of climbing up the Google search results?

Say goodbye to manual analysis and welcome a new era of success in SEO. Hey guys I’m your fellow Dilwala Shakil introducing RankAtom, the game-changing SEO tool that will transform your digital presence.

Welcome to my comprehensive review of RankAtom, where I’m uncovering the secret to SEO success with smart keywords.

What is RankAtom?

RankAtom is an innovative keyword research tool designed to revolutionize your SEO game. The tool offers data-driven insights, helping you identify quality keywords and real-time information that can boost your search engine rankings.

RankAtom is an SEO tool consisting of 3 modules, Including

  • Keyword research
  • Rank tracking
  • BERT analysis

RankAtom LifeTime Deal

Before diving into the post, check out its lifetime deal at just $39 on the Appsumo page if you don’t have time. When compared to other keyword research tools like Ahref, Semrush, etc., it is the best value-for-money tool. In addition, This software is also receiving positive reviews on Appsumo.

Let’s get into the features that can help your SEO strategies.

RankAtom Features Review 

It’s my favorite section, where I share my experience using RankAtom and dive into the features.

1. User-Friendly Interface

For optimizing SEO strategies in today’s fast-paced digital landscape, RankAtom’s intuitive and easy-to-use interface ensures an easy user experience.

It allows users to quickly and efficiently navigate through the tool’s features, saving valuable time and effort.

In addition, it provides clear and concise information enabling users to make data-driven decisions more easily and reduces the learning curve, so it can be used by anyone.

2. Keyword Research: Thousands Of Keyword Opportunities In Seconds

The keyword research module is where you get the most benefit from RankAtom, and it’s where I spent most of my time while testing it. It’s super simple to get started and perfect for finding longtail keyword ideas.

It’s possible to enter your seed keyword as well as import a list of keywords. You can choose your country and language for each report you run, and it costs 1 credit to just run the report and then 1 credit per keyword you want to analyze further. 

When you open the report, it’s a super nice view where you have a ton of options.

You can filter the keyword research report in two ways. You can either choose by filtering from a high-level where you can filter on:

  • Suggestions
  • Questions
  • Comparison
  • Preposition
  • Related
  • Favourite
  • Competition
  • Clusters

From there, you can filter further with the low-level filtering options:

  • Topic
  • Search intent
  • Amount of words
  • The keyword needs to include a word
  • Exclude all keywords with this word
  • Search volume
  • CPC
  • DA
  • Relevance
  • Weak points
  • Others, such as;
    • My website
    • Not analysed
    • Only analyzed
    • Related Searches
    • People Also Ask

For more information about each keyword, you can use the keyword analyze option, which costs 1 credit, but then you get the following:

  • SERP Analysis of top 10 ranking on the keyword
  • Lowest domain authority
  • Highest domain authority

You can click on the analyzed keyword to get even more information, such as related searches, people also ask, and ads results. This won’t work on non-analyzed keywords.


You shouldn’t analyze every keyword in your report, as you’ll end up spending your credits quickly, but if you’re in doubt, then it’s worth spending a credit on analysis.

3. Rank Tracking: Watch The SERPs Historically

The built-in rank tracker is super easy to use, but it has one incredible feature I don’t see every day in SEO tools.

You simply enter your keyword and target page, and RankAtom will track your keyword every day, week, or month, depending on your preferences.

It’s also possible to track your keywords in different countries, which is perfect if you work with local SEO. You can target specific languages as well.

On the right, you can change the date to see how the SERP changes over time. This is a great feature because it allows you to see if your competitors are spiking up in rank.

Overall, I found the keyword rank checker to be excellent for both long-tail and short-tail keywords.

4. Bert Analysis: Ensure You Cover Your Topic From All Angles

The BERT analysis is a unique feature I’ve never seen before.

Using it for the first time might be confusing, but it’s super simple to use.

You should enter your target keyword as a question.

After BERT analyzes the SERP, it will find the facts, angles, and basis for the article you need to write.

Here you have to be careful because it will cost 10 credits straight for every analysis done.

For example, I ran the BERT analysis for “How to find long-tail keywords”, and here are some key takeaways:

  • It will usually have more than 2 words in it
  • Google autocomplete
  • Because it only gets 50 searches per month.
  • The search volume
  • Search terms with relatively low search volume and competition levels

As you can see, it gives me an idea of what a long-tail keyword is and what identifiers are behind it to identify a long-tail keyword.

5. Some other Features

Weak Spot Mastery

Weak Spot Mastery helps you identify your competitors’ weaknesses and leverage them for competitive advantage.

Rating system

Ranking Atom’s rating system is one of its most useful features for assessing keywords’ SEO potential. The rating feature analyzes key factors such as search volume, competition, and relevance based on data. In this way, users can make informed decisions about keywords to target.

RankAtom Plans and Pricing

AppSumo LifeTime Deal

Appsumo offers 5 License Tier. 

The License Tier 1 is at just $39 for a lifetime down from $936 including all features, 3,000 keyword credits, 30 rank trackers, and 3 competitor analyses per month.

The License Tier 2 costs $99, down from $2,376 including 9,000 keyword credits, 90 rank trackers, and 9 competitor analyses per month.

You can get The Tier 3 plan at $169, down from a massive $4,056, which comes with 18,000 keyword credits, 150 rank trackers, and 15 competitor analyses per month.

Regular Pricing

RankAtom Regular pricing offers 5 plans on their official website starting from $39/month with 5,000 keyword credits, 50 rank trackers, and 5 competitor analyses.

Next Plus plan For growing teams at  $99/month comes with 20,000 keyword credits, 500 rank trackers, and 25 competitor analyses.

Next The Pro plan, which is For scaling the business costs $199/month and features 50,000 keyword credits, 3,000 rank trackers, 150 competitor analyses, Export data

Lastly, if you want more features and API access then opt for their Enterprise​ model

For large organizations with a custom price.

User Reviews

The feedback from users on RankAtom has been overwhelmingly positive, with users appreciating its affordability and accuracy. Several users have found it to be a suitable replacement for other keyword tools.

There are some users who enjoy the credit-based pricing system because it provides individual flexibility. 

Even though there are always areas for improvement, RankAtom’s commitment to improving the tool based on user feedback ensures its success.

With RankAtom, the team actively seeks user feedback and continually improves the tool.

Wrap-Up: Is RankAtom Worth It?

Yes, RankAtom is worth it. Starting at $39 per month, it’s an absolute steal.

The keyword research tool gives you thousands of keywords in seconds, and the filtering options are excellent.

Also, I got a lot of irrelevant keywords, so get comfortable with the filter options if you need to find the right keywords.

Additionally, you get a rank-tracking module so you can see how your keyword’s ranking changes over time.

The BERT analysis is still in BETA, but I can see it has the potential to show you everything you need to know about keywords and content.

In comparison to other keyword tools on the market, RankAtom offers a competitive price. 

However, when making a pricing comparison, it is important to take into account the needs and budget restrictions of each user.

I strongly recommend you try RankAtom if you’re looking to build a topical map while finding longtail keyword ideas.

Trust me when I say that RankAtom is a game-changer that will transform the way you approach SEO.

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