Picnie Review: Appsumo Lifetime Deal

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If you’ve ever struggled to create stunning graphics for social media, advertisements, websites, or other projects, you’re in for a treat.

I’m going to introduce you to Picnie, a graphic design tool that is going to be your savior. Please stick with me to the end because I have a special discount for you.

Picnie Review

What is Picnie?

Picnie is a powerful graphic tool that allows you to generate collections of images effortlessly. the best part is that you don’t need to be a design Guru or have fancy software at your disposal it’s all about making the design process accessible to everyone from individuals to Brands and businesses¬†

Picnie Features

Let’s explore some of the amazing features Picnie offers.

1. Easy to use Editor

The image editor is simple and easy to use. You can easily add or remove text, images, shapes, elements, and videos to create social media images. Pulse there is an option to upload custom fonts. I love their image resizer option which transforms an image to any size instantly.

2. Plenty of templates 

Besides that, Picnie comes with a variety of templates to take your creativity to the next level. The templates automate the design process, saving you time and resources. Moreover, you can customize them according to your Brand’s guidelines and marketing needs.

In case you didn’t find the template you were looking for, don’t worry just contact Pickney’s team they will create the template in just a few hours.

3. Autoresizing 

Picnie automatically adjusts text size for long titles and brand names. So, no more struggling with text that doesn’t fit.

4. API integration 

Picnie offers rest APIs that integrate seamlessly with your existing apps and systems. Their goal is to make things as convenient and as efficient as possible.

5. Multilanguage support 

The Picnie online photo editor can handle any language, whether you’re writing in English, Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Arabic, or any other language.

6. No code tools 

The magic of Picnie doesn’t end there. You can create images without writing a line of code. You can create images for social media, e-commerce, certificates, events, book covers, and much more using APIs or the no-code tool.

7. Multi-Image Tool

The multi-image tool allows marketing agencies to create social collections and Google display ads with a single click for their clients.

8. Add frames and watermarks 

Add frames and watermarks to your images using APIs or no-code tools. You can easily add a watermark to your assets, add your brand logo to your resource images, or merge any two images using Pickney’s no-code tool.

9. Image Resize and Compress 

It is possible to resize bulk images while controlling the quality. Using it is as easy as dragging images from your device to the panel. You can specify the output image format and quality from the no-code tool. Click on the Compress Now button to get the zip of all the output images.

10. Optimise webpage images

You can compress all the images on the web page and reuse them on your website. Simply enter the URL of any web page and click on the fetch images button to get the list of images for that page. You will also see the original size of the images on that web page. Compressing images into WEDP format results in high-quality compression.

Who Should Use Picnie?

1. Social media manager

Easily create Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter posts with Picnie. Automate the design process and create professional-looking visuals to save time and resources.

2. Google ads managers

Picnie is a great option for online advertising. With just one click, you can create multiple Google display ad images. The only thing you need is a catchy oneliner and your brand logo. 

3. Social media Influencers

Influencers and social media marketers can create eye-catching posts with Picnie in minutes. Visually appealing content will appeal to your followers.

4. E-commerce Shop Owners

Creating banners and promotions for your online store is easy if you have a product image. Enhance your sales with stunning visuals.

5. Event Planners

Using professional templates, event planners can easily create posters, invitations, and certificates.

6. Aspiring Writers

It allows authors to create captivating book covers without spending a lot of time or money on cover design

7. Website Owners

To improve the user experience and search engine optimization of a website, owners can resize and compress images.

Pricing and Plans 

Let’s take a look at how Picnie’s powerful features can be yours. Picnie offers two options regular pricing and an unbeatable appsumo lifetime deal.

Regular Plan

Free Plan: 

With 100 monthly credits and unlimited projects, you can get started for free.

Basic Plan: 

Upgrade to 1,000 monthly credits and two 2 GB of storage for just $10 a month. Small businesses and individuals will love it.

Standard Plan: 

You’ll receive 5,000 monthly credits, 5 GB of storage, and enhanced support for $40 a month.

Enterprise Plan:

In order to meet the specific requirements of large enterprises, Picnie offers custom pricing.

Appsumo lifetime deal 

Appsumo is currently offering an exclusive lifetime deal. 

Plan 1:

It costs only $49 for Lifetime access, which includes 3,000 credits per month, 2 GB of media library storage, APIs, and integrations.

Plan 2:

Get $6,000 monthly credits and 4 GB of media library storage when you upgrade to plan two for just $98 originally $960.

The app Sumo deal not only saves you a ton over the regular pricing but also grants you lifetime access to Picnie’s incredible features.

If you go with Appsumo, you’ll never worry again about paying monthly bills. Regardless of what you choose, you’re investing in top-notch graphic design. Check out the link in the video description to take advantage of this limited-time offer.

User reviews

If you’re wondering what real users think of Picnie, here’s what they have to say. Before I dive into the positives, let me address some concerns from Appsumo reviews. 

A few users mentioned that Picnie’s interface was a bit overwhelming at first, but there is a learning curve and once you get the hang of it you’ll be able to create graphics like a pro in no time.

Tom 8895, an appsumo plus member gave Picnie a perfect five Taco rating and described it as an excellent automation tool.

He highlighted the game-changing template editor that simplifies the automation of social media posts and ads. Tom also praises Picnie’s responsive support team, making it a must-have tool. 

Another five-star reviewer noted that Picnie’s UI is better than most premium deals.


You can use Picnie to create professional quality graphics quickly and easily for marketing agencies, e-commerce businesses, content creators, individual photographers, marathon-run organizers, schools, colleges, and universities.

It’s a game-changer for anyone who wants to edit images and organize them efficiently With unlimited storage capacity, automatic backup, and easy organization features. 

So, Say goodbye to struggling with design software or hiring expensive designers with Picnie.

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