Airbrush AI Review LTD 2023: Details, Pricing, & Features

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Generating pictures according to your imagination is complex, expensive, and time-consuming. Want to generate visually appealing images without hiring a photographer? 

So, you would need an AI-based image generator to convey your intended message effectively. But, there are several AI image generators available, which one should I opt for? No worries, I’m introducing the Airbrush AI image generator.

It transforms code into visual poetry that ignites the imagination. It eliminates photographers, making image generation cost-effective. 

The tools create high-quality images, NFTs, stock images, artwork, album covers, and more in seconds. It can also generate custom images for websites. Additionally, it includes photos of nonexistent people and objects.

According to Grand View Research, the global market for AI image generators is expected to reach $10.8 billion by 2027. Plus, the report found that the market will grow at a CAGR of 22.4% between 2022 and 2027.

Check out this Airbrush AI review for more information.

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Airbrush – AI Image Generator

Dilwala Shakil

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LTD Pricing
Ease of Use
Value for Money


After extensive use, I can say that this AI tool has proved to be remarkable. To create images with Prompt, Airbrush AI could be the best option. It can create illustrations, paintings, and 3D models. The lifetime license is just $29, and you can return it within 60 days.



  • User-friendly dashboard and easy to use.
  • Affordable
  • Email/Help Desk, FAQs, and chat support.
  • Unlimited training or tutorial videos.
  • Multiple language and payment options.
  • Multiple AI Engines like Dell-e-2, Midjourney, and more.
  • Create a cover image, artwork, NFTs, and more in seconds
  • Create various images, from realistic portraits to abstract paintings.
  • Text-to-image and image-to-text converter
  • Upscale images.
  • Security measures to protect your images.


  • Occasionally, the AI didn’t create the exact image you requested.
  • Its capabilities are limited as it is still under development.

1. What Is Airbrush? And How Does It Work?  

Airbrush AI is an AI-powered image generator that generates high-quality images, artwork, NFTs, and more in seconds. With it, you can create portraits, abstract paintings, and a lot more.

Airbrush AI requires a prompt in order to generate an image. A prompt is simply a description of the image you wish to create. Using AI technology, it produces an image according to your instructions.

The ease of use and accessibility of Airbrush AI make it a great option for creating original and professional-looking images from anywhere without a photographer.

Airbrush AI provides numerous tools for altering and enhancing images, including filters, effects, and stencils. As well as editing your own photos, you can invite others to do so.

2. Airbrush AI Features Review: How Does Airbrush AI Help You To Grow My Business?

Your company can expand by using Airbrush AI to improve the content of brochures, flyers, and website images.

Furthermore, it can improve customer service. Using it, you can correct flaws in consumer photographs and add special effects.

You can use Airbrush AI to edit photos for friends or family or start a blog or social media account to share tips.

Airbrush AI offers a certification program that can help you become an expert software user. As a result of this certification, you will be able to find employment in the photo editing industry.

1. Create images with Multiple AI engines

Airbrush’s AI technology creates original stock photos, NFTs, artwork, and more in seconds. You can create images for blogs, products, social media, illustrations, paintings, and custom artwork.

Here is the process I use to create an image.

  1. Simply click on the “Create Image” button.
  2. Give the image a description.
  3. Now select the AI Engines you want to use. Among these engines, you’ll find Dell-E-2, Midjourney, stable diffusion, and more.
  4. Choose the dimensions of the image. Then click on the “Generate or Create Image” button.

To test this out, let’s create some images in a variety of formats.

2. Stock Images

  • Create a detailed prompt for creating a Stock image using Airbrush. 
  • Then select the “Stable Defusion” AI engine and the size you want to use. I have chosen an image size of 512 by 512 pixels. 
  • Consistent defusion does not produce the desired image.
  • Stable defusion and 512 x 512 dimensions each cost 1 credit.

3. Artwork

  • Create a detailed prompt for using an airbrush to create artwork. 
  • Then, select Dell-E-2 as the AI engine. I have chosen a size of 256×264 pixels for the image. You can now see the results.

Note: Dell-E-2 requires 8 credits, while “256 x 256” and “512 x 512” require 9.

4. NFTs

  • Write your prompt in detail before using Airbrush to create NFTs. In my case, “SpiderMan” comes to mind. 
  • Then, I choose “Midjourney v4” as the AI engine. 
  • I have set the image size to 1224 by 1224 pixels.
  • I add the negative keyword “Avengers” in anticipation. 
  • Now you can now see the outcome with Midjourney, the image matches my prompts exactly.

Note: Each 1224 x 1224 or 512 x 512 pixels image costs 1 credit, while Midjourny costs 4 credits.

5. Create Blog Covers

Airbrush AI uses artificial intelligence to design blog covers. It can help bloggers create eye-catching and professional-looking images for their blog posts.

Airbrush AI asks the user for information about the blog post’s title, topic, and tone. Based on this data, the AI generates a variety of image concepts. After choosing an image, you can further customize it.

Furthermore, it is included in both the free and paid versions of Airbrush AI. The free version limits you to 10 images per month. Paid users can generate an unlimited number of images.

Log in to your Airbrush AI account and select “Create Blog Cover” from the menu. Then, follow the on-screen instructions. You can now use the image once you press enter.

6. Image Variations

Image variations are one of the main features of Airbrush AI. It can be useful for many things, such as creating multiple versions of an image for different marketing campaigns or artistic purposes.

It first analyzes the image and identifies pixel patterns. The information is then used to generate new images that are similar to the original, but differ slightly from it. As an example, AI could create a new image with a unique color scheme, composition, or artistic style.

  • Upload the desired image to Airbrush AI to utilize the image variations feature. Select “Generate Variations” from the resulting menu. Afterward, Airbrush AI will evaluate the image and display the results.

Airbrush AI search gallery allows you to find images created using Airbrush’s AI technology. It’s an excellent way to discover creative projects and images.

  • Access the Airbrush AI search gallery by selecting the “Search Gallery” tab in the Airbrush application. 
  • Enter your search terms and click submit. Depending on the search terms entered, Airbrush will display images.
  • Furthermore, Airbrush AI’s search gallery can locate images created by particular users. 
  • Select the “Users” tab and input the desired user’s name.

With Airbrush AI’s image search gallery, you can find inventive, high-quality images. If you need pictures for creative purposes, the Airbrush AI search gallery can be helpful.

8. Image to text

Using Airbrush AI, you can convert images into text. The AI software creates image descriptions for search engines.

Airbrush AI analyzes an image and recognizes text, objects, and other features. Objects’ identities, locations, and relationships may be described in the text.

  • To use the image-to-text feature of Airbrush AI, simply upload an image. 
  • Select “Image to Text” from the resulting menu. 
  • After evaluating the image, Airbrush AI displays the results.

Both free and paid versions of Airbrush AI offer image-to-text functionality. The free version allows you to convert 10 images per month. Paid users can convert an unlimited images.

9. Prompt Templates

The Airbrush AI Prompt Templates are a collection of prompts that can be used for creating images with Airbrush AI. User-friendly prompts produce high-quality photos.

Choose a template for your Airbrush AI Prompt Template. Then, you can add any additional details you wish. Add the name of a specific person or object or specify the art style.

Click the “Generate Image” icon after entering the desired information. Afterward, Airbrush AI evaluates the instructions and creates a picture.

10. Advance Image Editing

Using AI, airbrushing can remove people, cars, and structures from images. You can use this if you want to focus on a specific subject.

With Airbrush AI, you can add filters, borders, and text to your images. Using this technique will enhance your images’ visual appeal.

11. Image Upscale

Airbrush AI image upscaling feature increases the image resolution. This can be useful for enlarging images and optimizing image quality.

In addition, the image is analyzed to identify pixel patterns. This information is then used to generate pixels similar to the originals. It is larger and has a higher resolution than the original image.

In addition, it is available in both free and paid versions of Airbrush AI. Using the free version, images can be magnified up to two times. Paid users can scale images up to four times their original size.

3. Airbrush AI Review is Best for

  • Content creators
  • Copywriters
  • Marketers
  • Freelancers
  • Graphic Designers

4. Airbrush AI LifeTime Deal (AppSumo)

airbrush ai lifetime deal plans and pricing

This Airbrush AI AppSumo review will guide you through some of the crucial features of Airbrush AI.

  • Lifetime access to Airbrush AI Image Generator
  • The code(s) must be redeemed within 60 days of purchase
  • Get All plan updates
  • Stack up to 3 codes
  • Get 60 days money back guarantee

5. Why Do I Recommend You To Use It?

Recommendations facilitate decision-making and reduce time spent seeking information. Providing recommendations requires considering the recipient’s preferences and needs.

I will explain why I recommend Airbrush AI in this section.

1. Easy To Use 

Airbrush is simple to use, which is the first reason. It has a very user-friendly dashboard for beginners. It’s easy to use even if you’re not tech-savvy.

2. Affordable Lifetime Deal price

Second, it is incredibly inexpensive. There is no monthly fee to use this software; it is ideal for travelers starting out on their journeys. It can provide many benefits if used properly.

3. Customer Support

Live chat and email support are available from Airbrush. You can email them if you encounter issues.

4. Roadmap and Privacy

You receive frequent updates from Airbrush developers regarding the platform’s roadmap. It is completely safe and secure and complies with the GDPR, CCPA, and LGPD. There are so many people who benefit from this tool.

5. Languages and Users

Airbrush is available in multiple languages. This application allows you to use it in your preferred language. It is possible to add multiple account administrators to your account.

6. API Integration

With this tool, you can automate this tool with other platforms and increase productivity. To automate your workflow, this utility can be connected to a third-party platform.

6. Airbrush AI Regular Pricing

Free PlanPremium Plan
$ 0.00 / month$ 9.00 / month
20 Image Credits
Image Upscaling
Blog Article Cover
Image to text converter
Image History
Public Gallery
20 Image Credits
Image Upscaling
Blog Article Cover
Image-to-text converter
Image History
Public Gallery
Airbrush AI Regular Plans and Pricing

7. How Can I Double My Income Using Airbrush AI?

Introducing this tool to family and friends can earn you additional income. To promote the Airbrush AI Appsumo deal, you can also create an affiliate account.

8. Why Should I Purchase Airbrush AI LifeTime Deal Now?

Do you prefer monthly or one-time payments? Pay once instead of monthly. If you purchase the Airbrush AI APPSumo lifetime offer now, you will pay just $29 once and have access to it for life.

It may be a great time to purchase this unbelievable deal. You must pay full price after ending this deal. For any reason, APPSumo offers a 60-day refund policy.

Furthermore, Airbrush AI APPSumo plans include lifetime updates. As a result, you should act quickly before the deal expires. Buy Airbrush right away; you’ll never forget that I offered it to you.

9. How to Get $10 Discount With Airbrush AI AppSumo Deal?

How to Get AppSumo Discount
  • Visit the Airbrush AI Lifetime Deal page on AppSumo.
  • Wait some seconds after redirecting the page to see the discount popup.
  • Please enter a unique email address to receive this offer.
  • Continue with the same email id.
  • You get 10% off at the end.
  • This offer will be valid for new users only.

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