Raklet LifeTime Deal Review 2023

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Building your online community on social media platforms isn’t always the best option. They’re good for building an audience but don’t manage user data or sell memberships.

That’s why you need a platform that lets you create your social network with exactly the features and membership plans you want.

In this software review post, I will discuss Raklet – A custom-built platform that will allow you to control user data, manage memberships, and connect with your audience in a more meaningful way.

So let’s get started…

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Dilwala Shakil

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Ease of use
LTD Pricing
Value for money

My Opinion

Raklet has a very user-friendly design and allows you to create custom pages to collect payments or donations, as well as create virtual events, simplifying the event management process.

Alternatively, it facilitates organizing contacts, customers, donors, team members, and volunteers, in addition to creating forms and generating reports. Also, it offers free mobile apps and very affordable plans.



  • Easy to Use and User-friendly
  • Has All Necessary Features and Insights
  • Great Customer Service
  • Value for Money
  • Publishing Events
  • Membership Management
  • Selling Tickets
  • Sending Emails
  • Tracking Participants
  • Easily Import Members, Assign Dues and Collect Payments Online


  • Graphic Limitations
  • More Customization Options Are Needed.
  • I’d Like to See an Online Store
  • More Payment Options Are Needed
  • Lower Plans Should Also Offer Custom Domain Names

What is Raklet? Best Membership Management Software?

Raklet is a code-free community-building platform that lets us manage memberships, host paid events, sell courses, and keep users engaged.

  • You can easily create a branded, private community with Raklet in less than one hour.
  • You’ll be able to charge a monthly or annual fee for access and set up automated renewals, reminders, and receipts.
  • You can sell tickets online or in person, and you can check in guests at the door and track attendance automatically.
  • You can also use the platform to organize fundraising campaigns and collect donations.
  • Manage your community and store contacts with ease using your own membership database.
  • You can enter information such as your membership status, interests, or personal preferences in over 60 fields.  
  • Using Raklet’s timeline feature, you can discover more about your power users by tracking their activity.
  • Your audience can stay in the loop via email newsletters, without the need for third-party tools.
  • To maximize your email revenue, you can also use personalization, automation, scheduling, and payment integration.
  • Additionally, you can send SMS messages to your members to let them know about any important updates.
  • Your community can be turned into an Android or iOS app with Raklet.
  • In addition, you can connect to Zapier and access thousands of apps you already use.
  • The built-in Stripe integration allows you to collect membership dues.

Raklet Features 

  • Easily manage your contacts, 
  • Build custom forms and pages
  • Create events and fundraisers, 
  • Create digital membership cards for your members,
  • Branded mobile app for updated information
  • Collect membership fees, donations, and ticket costs, 
  • Engage people with email and sms, 
  • Post new opportunities to job boards, 
  • Export and analyze real-time data, 
  • Use our discussion boards and private messaging features,
  • Automate workflows.

Raklet LifeTime Deal on AppSumo

Raklet’s Lifetime Deal on AppSumo offers a wealth of features and functionalities at an unbeatable price to businesses of all sizes. Using this deal, users will have lifetime access to Raklet’s suite of tools, eliminating the need to pay recurring subscription fees.

Raklet LifeTime Deal

Raklet is Best for

  • Content creators
  • Nonprofits
  • Small businesses, 
  • Large Enterprises, 
  • Mid Size Business,
  • Freelancers
  • Non Profit, 
  • Public Administrations,

How to Use Raklet


$0/Mon$49/Mon$99/Mon$299+/MonContact Us
Custom Pricing
50 Contacts
4.00% + $0.60 per charge
1 Admin
1 Custom Field
1 GB Storage
Free iOS & Android App
Email & Chat Support
1000 Contacts
3.00% + $0.60 per charge
1 Admin
5 Custom Fields
10 GB Storage
Free iOS & Android App
Email & Chat Support
2k Contacts
2.00% + $0.60 per charge
2 Admins
10 Custom Fields
20 GB Storage
Multiple Bank Accounts
Custom CSS
Digital Membership Cards
Event Check-in at the door
10k+ Contacts
1.00% + $0.60 per charge
5+ Admins
20+ Custom Fields
100 GB Storage
Custom CSS / Javascript
Custom Domain
API Access
Single Sign-On (SSO)
Unlimited Contacts, Admins, Custom Fields, and Storage
Custom fees, iOS & Android App, Domain, Email Sender Name, CSS / Javascript, Integrations, and SLA
Prioritized Support
Automated Emails
Group Memberships
Event Check-in at the door
Role-based Access
API Access
Single Sign-On (SSO)
Account Manager
Raklet Plans and Pricing

Top 5 Alternatives to Raklet

  • Bloomerang
  • Mighty Networks
  • MemberLeap
  • YourMembership
  • MemberClicks

Raklet FAQs

Is Raklet Secure?

To ensure your data is protected, Raklet uses industry-standard security practices. They said, no one will ever have access to your information.

Is It Easy to Set Up My Account?

It only takes 2 minutes to signup for Raklet. After registering, you can begin using it. It usually takes 24 hours to set up a payment gateway.

What Card and Payment Types Does Raklet Accept?

Raklet allows you to charge almost any credit or debit card.
U.S. businesses accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club.
Australian, Canadian, European, and Japanese businesses accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.
You can also accept gift and prepaid cards. With Raklet, you can charge these cards from anywhere in the world.

Does Raklet Offer Discounts?

Yes. it offers 2 months free with annual subscriptions. Those with limited funds or educational institutions that can’t afford its plans should contact them to see what they can do.

What Language Does Raklet Support?

Turkish, Italian, French, Danish, Irish, Polish, Dutch, Portuguese, Thai, Norwegian (Bokmal), Japanese, Swedish, German, Spanish, English, Hungarian

Does Raklet Support Mobile Devices?

Yes! Raklet supports Android, iPad, iPhone

Does Raklet offer an API

Yes, Raklet offer API for use.

What Other Apps Does Raklet Integrate With?

Raklet integrates with Zapier, QuickBooks Online Advanced, Salesforce Sales Cloud, Xero

What Type of Training Does Raklet Provide?

The Raklet training program is available in the form of documentation, live online, webinars, in-person, and videos.

Does Raklet Offer a Free Trial?

Yes, Raklet offers a free trial.

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