WordHero AI Writer Worth It? (LifeTime Deal) USA 2023

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Creating compelling content for websites, product descriptions, emails, and more can be challenging. But what if you could do it in seconds?

You can do all of this and more with WordHero, an AI-powered writing tool that will make the process of creating content much easier and faster.

After reviewing the Autoblogging AI writing tool, I came across WordHero AI writing assistant.

This WordHero Review will cover everything you need to know about the AI writer tool – what it is, how it works, and its significant uses, along with examples. 

Additionally, we will discuss its customer support, roadmap, pros and cons, and some suitable WordHero alternatives.

AI has been around for a while, but recently AI writing assistants have become prevalent. 

These tools allow users to write without worrying about grammar and spelling. You can write more effectively and efficiently, as well as saving time and effort.

WordHero AI Review

What is WordHero?

WordHero AI

WordHero is an AI content creation tool developed by an experienced digital marketer, Jeff Tay. Currently, there are over 10k active users per month, and its AI generates over 100 million words per month!

In addition to generating emails, blog intros, song lyrics, and product descriptions, this powerful AI tool also lets you create video content. 

Their vision is to make writing content easy and quick for everyone. WordHero AI Assistance can:

  • Save work hours
  • Save a lot of money
  • Market your products faster

WordHero can create compelling content for blog posts, landing pages, social media captions, commercials, marketing emails, and more.

WordHero LifeTime Deal ($89) on AppSumo

WordHero LifeTime Deal
WordHero LifeTime Deal on Appsumo

WordHero’s Lifetime deal is currently available on AppSumo. It costs $89 to get all the features offered in their regular plans with monthly unlimited word count.

You can unlock the Long-form Editor by purchasing an additional code from Appsumo.

Alternatively, AppSumo also offers a 60-day money-back guarantee if you do not find the tool suitable for you. The tool is 100% refundable if you don’t like it.

WordHero Pricing

WordHero Plans and Pricing
WordHero Plans and Pricing

As a new tool, WordHero is currently being offered at an introductory price, which may increase in the near future.

Users can choose from a monthly or yearly subscription plan with WordHero. A monthly subscription costs $49, and an annual subscription costs $348. 

  • Monthly plan – $49/mo.
  • Yearly plan – $348/yr ($29/mo).

This plan allows you to write in 108 languages and generate unlimited content. You also get access to WordHero’s long-form editor and keyword assistant.

How Does WordHero Work?

WordHero uses Generative Pre-Trained Transformer 3 (GPT3) by OpenAI Laboratories as its most advanced language model.

It uses 175 billion parameters to predict new content based on existing content for generating accurate, logical, and plagiarism-free content.

How To Use WordHero?

WordHero makes it simple to create content. You merely need to 

  • Choose your template
  • Enter your information 
  • And generate content

Who Is WordHero Best For?

The benefits of WordHero are wide-ranging. WordHero AI software can benefit bloggers, website owners, YouTubers, SEO writers, real estate agents, marketers, digital marketing companies, and screenwriters.

Among these users, WordHero is likely to be beneficial due to its nearly limitless number of applications.

This AI software is ideal for the following applications:

  • Marketers – WordHero offers a variety of templates for ad copywriting, social media engagement, and email marketing.
  • Business Owners – WordHero offers 60+ templates to help you build a business.
  • YouTubers – Prepare video titles and descriptions.
  • Bloggers – Bloggers can create an organic blog to attract affiliates and businesses to their website. Use the long-form editor to create SEO-optimized and engaging blog articles that rank on Google.
  • Agencies – Instead of wasting time and money, use WordHero’s AI assistant to create engaging content for your clients.
  • eCommerce Store Owners – WordHero helps you create compelling product descriptions.

WordHero’s potential applications are nearly unlimited.

WordHero Features and Use Cases

WordHero offers 60+ templates, but in this post we will discuss some popular templates under different categories.

1. Writing Tools

  • AIDA Copywriting Formula
  • Content Rewriter
  • Bullet Points Expander
  • Sentence Expander
  • Example Provider
  • Grammar Corrector

2. Social Media Tools

  • Video Titles
  • Video Ideas
  • Video Descriptions
  • Social Media Post Ideas

3. Business Tools

  • Features to Benefits
  • Product Descriptions
  • Product Names

4. Marketing Tools

  • Blog Intros
  • Website About Us
  • SEO Descriptions
  • Generic Emails
  • Blog Headlines
  • Blog Paragraphs
  • Explain it to a Child
  • Blog Outlines
  • Quotable Quotes
  • Google Ads

5. Miscellaneous Tools

  • Personal LinkedIn Bio
  • Product Reviews
  • Job Description
  • Food Recipes

WordHero Long Form Editor

The WordHero Long Form Editor enables you to generate lengthy content at once.

wordhero long form editor
WordHero Long Form Editor

The Editor has a simple interface that is easy to use. In the left panel, you can choose between different use cases, and in the top panel, you can create an outline, create a paragraph, and so forth.

How to Write a Blog Post With WordHero Long Form Editor

  • Step 1: Create A Title
  • Step 2: Creating an Outline
  • Step 3: Generating Blog Content Using Different AI Tools
  • Step 4: Generating a Conclusion

When it comes to generating high-quality articles quickly, WordHero’s Long Form Editor is a great tool. Obviously, you would need to make a few edits to make it your own.

WordHero Pros and Cons

Benefits of WordHero AI

  • Easy to use and fast speed
  • Elegant and Friendly UI
  • Unlimited Content Generation
  • Wide Range of templates
  • Good Output Quality
  • Specify Target Keywords
  • Powerful Fictional Writing
  • Supports 100+ Languages
  • Powerful Long Form Editor
  • Good Knowledge Base

Disadvantage of WordHero AI

  • Sometimes provide irrelevant content
  • Content quality is not as good as Jasper AI
  • Too premature to replace human writers.
  • No Integrations

WordHero Alternatives

WordHero Alternatives
WordHero Alternatives

WordHero Final Verdict (Honest)

As for my first impression of WordHero, I am very impressed with the AI, the quality, features, ease of use, and the price.

Especially if you get the lifetime deal, it will be really awesome. Grab the deal right away if it’s still available.

If you can’t get the lifetime deal, then you can subscribe for $49 per month for unlimited copies and access to all the writing tools on the site. The quality of the AI you get for this price still seems good to me.


What are WordHero Payment Methods?

As of now, they only accept credit cards. I hope more payment options will be available in the future.

What is the WordHero Refund Policy?

WordHero offers a 14-day money-back guarantee so you can test all its features. They refund all your money if you are not satisfied with it or don’t wish to subscribe to it.

What is the best AI content writing tool?

Jasper AI

Is AI writing free?

AI writing is not completely free. However, there are some AI tools that offer a limited number of free words per month.

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