How to Grow Your Business Using Explainer Videos in 2022

How to Grow Your Business Using Explainer Videos? Businesses often find it difficult to explain what they do in an easy-to-understand way.  Isn’t it frustrating to visit websites and leave with no clue what the company offers? 

Animated videos can help in this situation. Businesses should use explainer videos to convey their brand stories in an attention-grabbing manner. 

A good explainer video will combine video and audio to deliver a clear, succinct message about the company/brand. Humans love stories, especially when they engage us with familiar ideas.

1. Capture Your Audience’s Attention

Businesses must make sure their websites attract visitors and hook them to learn more. In comparison to text, video grabs the audience’s attention and conveys information faster.

By including an explainer video on your homepage, visitors can learn key information about you without having to search through your site.

Encourage visitors to spend more time on your website by uploading doodle videos. Spending more time on your website will hopefully result in more satisfied customers!

Video is the most popular form of content. YouTube is currently the 2nd most popular search engine in the world, with over a billion users. Youtube is known for its video content, which shows how popular videos are.

2. Boost Conversion Rates

Doodle Videos can increase your business revenue by increasing direct sales. An exciting product explainer video at the top of your landing page can massively improve engagement and sales. 

According to Wyzowl, 96% of people have watched explainer videos to learn about products or services. Almost 84% of people claim to have purchased a product or service after watching an online video. And 36% prefer educational or explainer videos.

Conviction and a compelling storyline generate more sales than pictures can alone. However, if you create a video yourself or outsource it to a reputed agency or freelancer, your conversion rate will increase.

3. Explain Your Product

Explainer videos aim to explain an idea, product, or process in a short manner. Reading written content may not always work, since readers can interpret it in various ways.

In contrast, explainer videos are straightforward, and they provide audiovisual cues to help people understand what you’re offering.

Make the explainer video about why you are better than your competitor; this will help you connect much better with your target audience.

In most cases, explainers’ videos are 90 seconds or less. We have a short attention span, so faster is better. According to studies, viewers begin to drop off after 2 minutes. 

Avoid overloading your viewers with tons of information in long videos. Pick out the key points and make your message short and sweet.

4. Complex Topics Are Explained Easily

It is difficult to explain every single product because some of them require technical detailed explanations, such as software, specialized equipment, etc. Doodle Whiteboard video can explain your complex product or service easily.

Your brand can be brought to life through an animated explainer video. You can engage your audience with your product/service, as your characters face problems and solve them.

5. Display Your Personality

Tell the viewers more about yourself, don’t be a faceless corporation. What is the best way to accomplish this? Using explanation videos, of course! A face helps build trust in the mind of the viewer; to connect with you.

6. Build Trust By Solving Problems

You can use explainer videos to address a problem your audience is facing. Use video to motivate them and help to deal with the problem by offering solutions.

When you build trust and understanding with the customer from the beginning, they know that you are concerned about their needs. 

As a result, they are more likely to buy from you since they can see how your product or service would benefit them.

7. Help Your Audience Retain Information

According to experts, we retain only about 10% of what we hear; however, if we see something, we retain up to 50% of it. The best publicity is word of mouth; viewers who like a video tend to share it, and this can help grow your audience.

8. Make Your Pitch More Exciting

It is not always successful to engage your audience with Powerpoint presentations that include charts and slogans. A video explainer will make your pitch more interesting.

When you have a compelling script, the right music, and the right visuals, you can catch your viewer’s eye right away. 

Web content with text, images, colored fonts, etc. tends to confuse or annoy the viewer rather than grab their attention and is also very slow to load.

When you include all of these ideas in one simple animation, you keep your page cleaner and provide the viewer with the necessary information for engagement and conversion.

9. Bring Your Brand to Life in Motion

Animation is commonly used to produce explainer videos. With this, you can bring your brand to life. Doodle animated videos are especially essential for small business that deals with intangible items, such as tiny products that can’t be filmed.

Explainer videos that follow a brand’s guidelines, using the brand’s color palette and fonts, are the most effective.

This allows your brand to be instantly recognized. People trust people, and explainer videos help build that bridge between a company and a group of passionate people who care about what they do.

10. Drive More Web Traffic

There is no formula for making a video that will go viral, but many products have become popular as a result of viral videos, even a lot of international brands we all purchase today.

11. Rank Higher in SERPs

A video embedded on your website can increase traffic significantly. If people spend more time on a site, the bounce rate decreases, and Google rewards it. 

Having a lot of outdated text and images on a website lowers its search ranking and drives away visitors.

On the other hand, explainer videos engage viewers for a long time and help them to make a decision more quickly, which boosts the rankings of the site. This will also improve your SEO score and rank higher in SERPs.

Those who get help from your site will return again and again. This is also good for Google’s perspective, as its algorithm determines that the users are getting what they need.

You get highly targeted visitors from search engines when you get organic traffic. This means that there is a higher chance to buy your products.

12. Videos Can Be Shared Easily

You don’t have to restrict your explainer video to your website. Using keywords, you can upload them to video-sharing sites such as YouTube and Vimeo so internet users can find them. 

These video-sharing platforms are free and responsive so people from all devices can access and share. Generally, people prefer to watch and share videos rather than read and share long blocks of text.

Where to Use Your Explainer Video

To reach your target audience, you will want to promote your explainer video as much as possible. Here are some of the best places to use your explainer video.

  • Your product’s landing page.
  • On your Facebook page.
  • You can pin it to your Twitter profile.
  • As a channel trailer on YouTube.
  • SlideShare profile as a featured presentation.

Advertising is another way to promote your explainer video. YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter all offer a variety of formats for video ads. You can also post your explainer video on Pinterest, Flickr, Instagram, Vimeo, Daily, and other video-sharing networks.

Conclusion – How to Grow Your Business Using Explainer Videos

Explainer videos play a crucial role in both generating sales and saving time. It’s time to evolve your business with explainer videos! I think now you know the importance of explainer videos and you will use them.

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