How to Make Money Selling Doodle Videos in 2022

How to make money Selling Doodle Videos? Some people think making a Doodle video is hard, but anyone can make an engaging Doodle animation video in seconds without any experience using a laptop and AI-powered doodle maker tools like DoodleMaker or Doodly.

If you want to make extra money online, you’re in the right place. Here I will explain how people are making decent money by creating doodle videos using an AI-based Doodle maker.

You may ask these questions

  • How To Make Money With Doodle Videos?
  • How to Make $500-$1K Per Month by Creating Doodle Videos?
  • How To Make Doodle Videos And Earn Money With It?
  • How To Make Money On Doodly?
  • How To Make Money On DoodleMaker?
  • How To Make Money With Doodle-Explainer Videos? 
  • How To Make Money With Whiteboard Animation Videos?

Well, I will answer all these questions in this post. So before starting let’s know What is doodle animation videos?

What is a Doodle Video?

Doodle Videos are a type of animated marketing or training video that engages the audience by drawing everything on a board. They are also called Whiteboard Animation Videos. In comparison to a normal video, Doodle videos engage the customer more.

Who Needs a Doodle Video?

  • Sales representative
  • Business owners
  • Marketing managers
  • Real Estate Agent
  • YouTubers
  • Teachers
  • Product Owners
  • Product Reviewers
  • Sells representative

What Are My Favorite Animated Doodle Maker Tools?

  1. DoodleMaker
  2. Doodly
  3. Toonly

How much do you charge?

  • 15 sec = $100
  • 30 sec = $150
  • 60 sec = $250

For every 15 seconds, you can charge $50 when you start. As you improve, increase the price to whatever you like.

Ways to Make Money With Doodle Videos

1. Freelancing on Fiverr and Upwork

As a beginner, you can make nearly $100 – $150 per 30 seconds Doodle video on a Freelancing website like Fiverr. Experts cannot imagine how much they can earn per video

Here is a real example:

As you can see from the above image, the freelancer makes $200 per 60-second video with just a Basic plan. It takes no experience to start a freelancing career, which earns you $1000 a month.

Every business needs some investment. You need to invest in an AI Doodle maker tool so that you can make GREAT doodling videos using ready-made templates.

I recommend is DoodleMaker, which has a one-time purchase offer of $49. Another one is Doodly, which offers two plans to create professional doodle videos in a few minutes.

Make money with doodle videos by taking these steps

  • Invest in a Doodle Maker tool
  • Join Fiverr & create your Gigs
  • Set your pricing to get projects as a beginner
  • Rank your gig on Fiverr’s top
  • Get the orders

Increase your gig price once you have experience dealing with customers and a good rating.

2. Create a YouTube Channel

The largest and free advertising platform on earth is YouTube. Whiteboard videos are engaging so people will surely love your youtube channel. 

Many popular whiteboard channels are making 50k to 80k per year uploading doodle videos without showing their face.

So, how much money can I make from youtube uploading doodle videos per month?

As a beginner, you can easily generate $1k per month passive income through Doodle Videos. Youtube pays creators per thousand views, depending on your niche and what country your viewers are on.

If you are doing affiliate marketing for Amazon or another company, you may create product review videos with DoodleMaker or Doodly and upload them to YouTube to get free advertising and make commissions.

Here are the steps to make money with Doodle Video:

  • Select your favorite niche
  • Recheaser keywords
  • Prepare script
  • Create a whiteboard video and upload
  • Upload at least 30 videos and promote them through Youtube Ads.
  • When you reach 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time, you can monetize your videos
  • As your channel’s subscriber base grows, your passive income stream increases.

3. Create a Website

My favorite method is to create a website where you can present your whiteboard animation services with the tools and everything.

Your website means you don’t have to rely on others’ platforms. It allows you to share whatever you want.

You’ll need a good domain and hosting to create a website for whiteboard animation services. Then, build the website on the WordPress platform, which is my personal preference. 

How to create a WordPress website

  1. Buy a domain name and web hosting from (My favorite)
  2. Install WordPress
  3. Choose your theme
  4. Install necessary plugins
  5. Add posts and pages to your website
  6. Customize your website
  7. Optimize your website to increase page speed

Hire a freelance WordPress web developer on Fiverr at an affordable price to help create the site. 

Otherwise, check Squarespace or Wix; website building and hosting software that uses pre-built templates and drag-and-drop items to make website creation and modification easy.

4. Organic Marketing (SEO)

Creating a website is not enough to generate leads for your business. You need to promote it in several different ways. Uploading SEO-friendly blog posts is my favorite way. 

You can write blog posts like the benefits of doodle videos, how whiteboard animation can increase value, how it can increase the revenue of a company, etc.

You will get huge organic traffic and sales if the posts rank on Google. However, it will take time for you to rank on Google. So, you can opt for paid marketing.

5. Paid Marketing

Many people want to see results as soon as possible. In this case, paid advertisement marketing is the best option. Create doodle videos about your services and promote them through Google, Youtube, Bing, FB, IG, and Pinterest Ads. 

If you don’t know how to run a paid ad campaign, hire a Fiverr or Upwork professional ads campaign manager to help. Video ads increase engagement, traffic, and sales

6. Social Media Marketing

Share your website on different social sharing platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. You will also get more automatic shares if your content provides value. By doing this, you will gain more exposure.

Decorate your Facebook profile with valuable information to attract people to you. You should make it better since many people have it.

Join Facebook and Reddit Groups of entrepreneurs and show them how doodle videos can improve their business. It’s a good place to catch some potential clients if you offer them value and solve their issues.

In addition, join Clubhouse to present what you do and connect with other members. Instagram and Twitter are also good places to get paying clients.

Use some automated social media marketing tools like SocialPilot, BuzzSumo,  POSTOPLAN, and Buffer to make your journey easier.

You can create your marketing system with Stackposts – Social Marketing App PHP script if you don’t want to pay monthly. Simply follow the included tutorials and install the script on your hosting to get the real taste.

7. Email Marketing

If you want to get results in a short time, Email marketing can be your best friend without spending too much.

Buy leads from Fiverr or learn free email or lead generation techniques. Consider using Getresponse, the most popular email marketing tool. Or build your email marketing system with MailWizz – Email Marketing Application PHP Script. 

8. is a site where startup owners list their new businesses, products, software, etc. To explain their product or service to their customers, investors, or audience, they will need a whiteboard video. Please contact and ask them to build a whiteboard video.

9. Target Local Clients

Offer local businesses like the dentist’s office, Pizza places, or real estate agents to make promotional videos for their business. Using DoodleMaker or Doodly, it won’t take you long to create a 2 or 5 minutes video and you could charge $300-$500 easily.

10. Educate People and Earn Money

Many people are interested in learning how to create whiteboard animation videos. Educate them on the creation of doodle videos. Create video tutorials and sell them to students. 

Upload your courses on Udmey, Skillshare, or Coursera platform and sell. These platforms have a huge audience base who will buy your class.

11. Offer Free Basic Plans

If you don’t have any work yet, you can say to people, “Hey, I’m starting in this business, can I create a whiteboard animation video for you?” It’s fine if you want to pay me, but I’m looking for a portfolio and reviews.

If they are satisfied with your free plan, they are more likely to trust your paid services and buy them quickly.

12. Offer Discount on Referral

Tell people that you will give a 25-30% discount to someone who refers and gets clients for you. People will love to share your services with their friends or audience if you enable the referral program.

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