Is Ai Copywriting Worth It? (Truth Revealed) USA 2023

Copywriting isn’t easy. If you write product descriptions or PPC ads, you have a lot of repetitive work to do, and it can drain your creativity. Here comes AI copywriting.

Would it be possible for a machine to generate engaging copy while you concentrate on more pressing tasks?

Fortunately, AI copywriting tools powered by machine learning make it possible. AI copywriter tools can save time and maximise your productivity.

However, human copywriters are still better than AI, but collaborating with AI tools can increase productivity while saving time.

Are you new to AI copywriting? You may be wondering if AI copywriting is worth it, if so, here’s what you need to know, as well as recommendations for the best AI copywriting tools.

My goal is to explain how this works and how it can change the way you approach content marketing.

What Is AI Copywriting and How Does It Work?

AI copywriting is basically computer-generated writing created with natural language processing (NLP) tools. Most AI copywriting tools generate content based on OpenAI’s generative pre-trained transformer 3 (GPT-3).

First, you decide what topics and content you wish to write about. It can write anything from blogging to short ads. After that, you set certain parameters for the AI tool to follow. 

It then analyses similar pre-existing content from the web and converts it into new plagiarism-free content based on these parameters.

Many businesses have already jumped to AI copywriters to increase conversion rates and sales.

As an example, the American Marketing Association (AMA) generates newsletter content for its 100,000 members using an AI copywriting tool.

With AI newsletter analytics and personalization, AMA can customise headlines and content for subscribers.

Result? Monthly 42% higher engagements than the industry standard and keep subscribers coming back.

Even though these results are impressive, you shouldn’t depend solely on AI copywriting tools. Add your own tone and voice, and make sure to add a personal touch.

What is GPT-3

GPT-3 is a deep learning language prediction model. It has been trained on hundreds of billions of words in many languages to better understand natural language. Also, it is autoregressive, so it learns from data and improves over time.

Therefore, it’s an extremely effective tool for language modelling and NLP tasks such as machine translation, text generation, text summarization, and question answering. Based on its input, it generates output text quickly.

Developers use GPT-3 to train and deploy AI models. In this way, they are able to create AI copywriting tools that can scan and analyse massive amounts of data and create high-quality, human-like content. It is significantly more complex than content spinners, which replace words with synonyms.

Is AI Copywriting Worth It?

How Good is AI Copywriting? Yes, I think AI copywriting is worth it if it meets your particular condition or needs. Consider these conditions before paying or subscribing to a plan.

If you’re looking to generate large amounts of quality content quickly to save tons of time, then AI might be a good option for you.

The use of AI copywriting tools is great for outlining, generating ideas, and conquering the fear of a blank page without brainstorming. 

AI copywriting now has a few new features and they always have some interesting upgrades.

Although they’re useful starting points, you need to add your own voice, check facts, add stats and other content to make it unique.

Generally, AI copywriting tools work well when combined with human edits and changes. I recommend generating 35% – 48% of the content of your blog or website using artificial intelligence tools if you are unsure whether or not to use them.

AI Copywriting Tools are best for

  • Bloggers
  • Content Marketers
  • Website owners
  • SEO expert
  • Content Writer
  • Marketing Agencies
  • etc.

Benefits of AI Copywriter

Why are AI copywriting tools useful? AI tools have many benefits, and I’ve listed some of the best reasons to use them in your content-generation process.

1. They’re Super Easy to Use

They can create articles in a short amount of time. Just put your subject/keyword, add little description, select tone and hit the generate button. DONE!

Some even offer 1 click article generation features like Autoblogging AI and Wordplay AI. Just enter the keyword and it will generate a long form article with one click in just a few seconds. 

They also have Bulk article creation mode to generate multiple articles at a single time.

2. Save Both Time and Money

AI writers can speed up the writing process to produce content and articles much faster than humans. Additionally, it can predict what your readers want or need based on the information.

AI will analyse all this data and determine how to best assist you as a writer, so no more wasted research time.

3. No Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is a condition that affects primarily writers, where an author is either unable to produce new work or experiences a creative slowdown.

AI copywriting tools don’t suffer from writer’s block. It’s a huge bonus for anyone who suffers from writer’s block from time to time. Your blank page couldn’t stay blank for long using the best AI copywriters.

However, you have to rewrite most of the content it gives you for voice and tone, but it helps get the creative juices flowing.

4. Create Plagiarism Free Content 

AI Writing Tools generate unique and plagiarism free content most of the time. Marketers can use AI solutions to create more tailored and relevant content for their target audience, increase their visibility in search results, and increase conversions.

5. Create Concepts for Subheaders

You can avoid being completely stuck in the middle of a writing project when you use an AI copywriting tool. An AI tool can be useful for writing innovative articles or exploring ideas.

6. Generate Content with Multi-Language

Furthermore, AI writing tools can be used to create content in a variety of languages. In recent years, these tools have become more adept at translating words between languages.

The technology can even translate text into speech so that people can hear what they’re reading aloud.

7. More Affordable (Cheaper Than Hiring a Good Copywriter)

AI copywriters can save significant money compared to traditional copywriters or writers. Since most article authors are paid per word, If they write 1,000 words in more than an hour, their hourly fee would be $25 to $30.

Besides, AI copywriters should take less than 30 minutes to write a whole article. Typically, AI tools cost $25-$50 per month, and some offer lifetime subscriptions. Read my article to find the 13 Best AI Copywriting Tools offering Lifetime Deals on Appsumo.

With WordHero AI Unlimited plan, you can create as many blog posts as you want, as often as you’d like. If you’ve got time to spend on content and not the money, this is a great option to create professionally-written posts.

Some additional advantages of AI Copywriters:

  • Help with brainstorming
  • Write product descriptions for similar SKUs
  • Create multiple variations on the same ad
  • Generate proposal and email templates
  • Turn non-writers into passable writers

Disadvantage of AI Copywriting Tool

So, AI content software definitely has its uses, but it also has significant problems. Here are my four main drawbacks of AI copywriting tool I found when using them:

1. They Don’t Sound Quite Human.

The main problem is it lacks humanity. Sadly, it lacks the unique human ability to understand nuance, use humour, and even inject a sense of personality into text.  

2. It Doesn’t Understand ‘Audiences’

Another biggest problem is most of the time AI writers don’t understand what your audience wants. If you say “How to make money as a college student” to a professional content writer, it means a whole lot more. 

In this way, they can determine what the audience needs to hear, and provide them with valuable content that will ultimately convert them into paying customers.

3. The Information Generated Isn’t Always Accurate

Professional copywriters fact-check every part of their articles and blogs. AI is not the same as humans. 

It sometimes pulls random facts from the internet and puts them into the content. These facts sound nice when you read them, but might not be true.

Make sure to fact-check your AI-generated content thoroughly, or have it checked by an expert, if you’re using it to produce a lot of content. You can check the information on Google search and social media platforms.

4. They’re Wordy and Can Produce Duplicate Content

Sometimes they produce irrelevant content that is not related to the topic. I also got the same sentence in multiple places in my generated article.

Which are the Best AI Copywriters?

So, here are my favourite professional AI copywriting tools that copywriters should explore.

1. Jasper AI

In 2020, Jasper AI was launched as a top-rated AI-powered copywriter tool that is able to write short as well as long-form articles. It has over 50,000 happy users globally.

With Jasper AI, you can create ad copy, email swipes, video scripts, video presentations, and even entire SEO optimised blog posts at just $24/month.

The good news is that it gives you a free 5-day trial of 10,000 words.

2. Rytr

Rytr AI writing tool can generate content for any topic and has different writing styles. Its user-friendly interface is easy to use for anyone, without copywriting experience.

It understands what you want to say, what your audience wants to read, and how they want to be addressed.

AT just $9/mon, it provides specialised copywriting frameworks such as PAS and AIDA it produces magnetic and engaging content in multiple languages. It also provides different writing tones, and use cases, such as the blog outline, blog main body, etc.

The good news is that it gives you a lifetime free trial of 10k characters per month.

3. CopyAI

From brainstorming ideas to crafting social media posts, CopyAI can help you get inspired in minutes with 90+ copywriting tools and 25+ languages.

It produces authentic, human-like copy almost instantly using a highly advanced machine language model called GPT-3. 

Simply choose a copy type, provide some words, phrases, and descriptions, and CopyAI will create product descriptions, social media posts, SEO posts, Alt text, emails, and blogs for you.

Besides offering $49/mo for 1M words it also offers a completely free monthly plan with 2,000 words.

4. Writesonic

Want a popular copywriting AI tool you can scale with your business? There may be a solution in Writesonic.

With over 300,000 users, including freelancers and global companies, Writesonic is the AI copywriting tool of choice. 

Writesonic provides multiple copy samples for you to choose from once you select a template and enter a few lines of description.

5. Bramework

Bramework is another AI copywriting software to create high quality blog articles at just $17/ month.  

Beside copywriting, It also offers Keyword Search Tool, Plagiarism Check, AI image finder and more.

Though it doesn’t come with a free forever plan but offers a 7-day free trial.

Other Best AI Copywriting Tools:

  • WordHero
  • WriteCream
  • Anyword
  • Wordtune
  • Hypotenuse AI
  • Texta
  • Smart Copy by Unbounce
  • Outranking
  • NeuronWriter
  • Nichesss
  • TextWizard

I will try to review all of these AI Writing tools in my website soon! So, please stay with me and subscribe to my website by hitting the bell icon on the right bottom side.

Will AI Replace Human copywriters?

After the hype of AI copywriting, this is a frequently asked question. AI writing tools can’t replace human copywriters; instead, they help alleviate writer’s block and generate content ideas on a large scale.

AI tools can’t generate content exactly based on human emotions. But we don’t know the future, everything can happen.

AI can’t always get it right. Rather than trusting the machine, it’s important to understand its limitations in order to be more effective in your work while retaining the value, originality, and character.

Conclusion on AI Copywriting

No matter what kind of business you’re in, AI-based copywriting tools can assist you in scaling your content creation. If you’re looking for quick-and-dirty ad copy or product descriptions, then these are incredibly powerful.

AI copywriting tools are becoming increasingly popular in the content marketing industry. Businesses can save time and money producing high-quality content with these tools.

Each AI copywriting tool differs slightly, so you should try a free trial before purchase. By doing this, you can determine which tool best suits your business strategy.

Therefore, I hope this article gives you a lot of insight into deciding whether AI copywriting is worth your time. For quick and bulk content generation, I highly recommend AI copywriting tools.

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